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Little Sensation, Unhappy Boyfriend and Weird Positions: She Needs to Strengthen Her Vaginal Muscles to Improve Her Sex Life

She and her boyfriend agree on one thing: her vaginal looseness and its negative impact on their sex life. She can’t feel him inside her, and their experimentation with making love has only given way to odd positions. The one solution she wants is that which will give her a tighter vagina.
Case #:1692

I have a current boyfriend, and he says my vagina feels really loose. I have been able to see and feel what he is talking about. Sometimes I can barely feel him inside of me, and the only way I can feel him is if we are in some really weird positions where my legs are close together. My boyfriend isn’t small, either. His penis is 7 inches long and 3.5 inches in diameter. What can I do to get my vagina tight again? I have tried exercising, but that didn’t help. Is there anything else?

If your vagina is loose, it’s because of natural circumstances. Don’t worry – no vagina is the same as another. Each is as diverse as the women who own it, and they come in varying degrees of tightness. This in no way relates to your body shape or size. It is simply a reflection of your vaginal musculature, which defines how tight or loose you feel during sex.
What You Need to Know about the Vagina

The vagina is a hollow organ composed of ringed muscles. But we caution you not to assume it has a simple nature. Quite the contrary, the vagina is complex and self-sustaining. It produces natural lubrication and maintains a delicate balance of healthy and unhealthy flora, which in turn discourages the development of disease.
One of the vagina’s most remarkable traits is its ability to adapt. This trait is made possible by muscles that expand and contract when necessary. These muscles also relax, such as during arousal, to allow penetration. When not engaged in exercise or intercourse, vaginal walls remain so tight that they touch each other. The relaxation – and subsequent looseness – is therefore necessary to allow the penis to enter.
To witness for yourself how loose or tight your vagina is, insert a finger and then clench your muscles around it. Hold your muscles as tightly as you can. If you can feel them envelop your finger, you may not be as loose as you think. Otherwise, your looseness may be a sign of nothing more than weak musculature.
Is Vaginal Looseness a Myth?

Vaginal tightness depends on two factors: natural elasticity, which as we already explained accounts for muscle expansion and contraction; and muscle strength. To better understand, think of the vagina as an accordion. Its muscles fold against each other like pleats and can stretch without losing their shape.
The reality, therefore, is that vaginal muscles lose their strength. While vaginal looseness is not a myth, many people incorrectly assume it is an effect of too much sex or excessive body fat. To clear both misconceptions, we’ll start by saying sex does not cause permanent stretching of the vagina. Although the muscles relax to accommodate intercourse, they resume their usual position once sex is finished. This means a woman can have sex as much as she wants without impacting her vagina.
Similarly, body weight has no bearing on a woman’s tightness. The two things that do have an impact are childbirth and age. During labor, a woman’s muscles stretch and become fatigued. This results in “looseness.” Meanwhile, age causes a natural decline in estrogen, a chemical that promotes strong vaginal walls able to stretch and contract with ease. Its decline leads to weak muscles that eventually create that dreaded looseness.
Options for a Tighter Vagina

Just as exercising can strengthen the muscles in your legs and arms, the same can be done for vaginal muscles. The key is in doing the right movements. Many women who try to do Kegel exercises are disappointed with the lack of results. But what many women don’t know is that these exercises can actually contribute to muscle weakness.
Movements that do strengthen pelvic floor muscles are deep squats. They strengthen glues, which are connected to other muscles that stretch the pelvic floor to achieve tautness. Another beneficial activity is sex. You read correctly – making love also helps strengthen vaginal walls. So feel free to engage.
Our last recommendation is the use of Kegel Balls. Placed directly in the vagina, they strengthen PC muscles for improved tightness. (SEE: Vaginal Tightening with Kegel Balls) Kegel Balls also facilitate orgasms, a direct benefit for every woman.

What to do

Kegel Balls For Vaginal Looseness and Incontinence

If you’ve ever constructed a paper airplane, you’ve noticed the short lifespan of paper.

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