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I Had Sex Using A Vibrator Which Left My Vagina Very Dry, Scarred, And Damaged

Woman used a vibrator for sex, which left her in a very bad state. She is experiencing numbness throughout her genital region, as well as scarring and bruising. She has no sensation in her clitoris, g-spot, or vaginal opening. What can be done?

Case #: 603


A few months ago I had sex using a vibrator, which left my vagina very dry, scarred, and damaged. Inside my labia minora it is severely scarred and bruised. My clitoris is numb, with no sensitivity. My g-spot is damaged with no sensitivity and my vaginal opening when penetrated is also numb with no sensitivity. Is it permanent nerve damage? What do you recommend me to do, or whom should I go to see? Am I just wasting my time because it is what it is? Damaged. Please help!


You must immediately stop using your vibrator. I’m certain you have not caused permanent nerve damage, however, damage has occurred. You can heal yourself through abstinence from your vibrator and some healthier alternatives in the future. In time your body will return to it’s naturally sensitive state.


If you’ve read any of the articles on our site, you’re probably aware of the damage vibrators do to the genital area. The vibrations cause the nerves of the area to react as if to abrasion, they do this by forming a barrier of scar tissue around the affected area, to protect it from further damage.

This is part of what is causing the insensitivity in your vagina, g-spot, and clitoris. As the scar tissue builds, the body begins to experience excess levels of prostagland E2, a stress hormone that is chemically triggered by irritation and abrasion.

The effect of prostaglandin E2 is inflammation—in the form of dilated blood vessels and bruising. The constant rubbing of the vibrator on your already stressed areas is what’s causing the bruising in your labia minora. The inflammation also results in a further buildup of scar tissue; effectively making you less and less sensitive each time you used a vibrator.

Orgasm Spasms

Not only have you done physical damage to your genitals, but continuously experiencing orgasm can do serious harm to your hormone levels, eventually causing desensitization in that way as well! I didn’t know until recently that prolactin is released at orgasm.

Normally, prolactin isn’t found in the body unless a woman is breastfeeding, or sometimes due to the side effects of birth control. It is also found directly after orgasm in both males and females, and is the cause of the refractory period—that time between orgasm and next arousal. It is a natural hormone emission, and is not generally an issue, as it disperses within about an hour after orgasm in women.

However, when one has multiple orgasms within a period of time the prolactin begins to build up without dispersing, as the body can only process so many chemicals at one time. Prolactin has the distinct disadvantage of lowering sexual drive and sensation, so an excess of it will result in a desensitized genital area, detracting even further from whatever sensation remains in your clitoris, vagina, and g-spot.

Do No Harm

Like I mentioned above, at this time it is very important for you to put aside your vibrator. It seems as though you have already relinquished it; this is the first step to healing. Now you must increase blood flow to your genital area to speed the healing process; removing the scar tissue from the nerves and allowing nitric oxide to reach the clitoris through the newly reopened blood vessels for proper sexual response.

I recommend an herbal formula (see: VRD Formulation) to help you achieve these aims. It is formulated to aid you in detoxification and in removing excess prostaglandin E2. I am sure you will be back to your old self in no time!

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