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Menopause Is Keeping Things Dry

rn about a husband who is desperate to find a way to have a pleasurable sexual experience with his postmenopausal wife.

Case #: 1290


When my wife passed the menopause stage, I went out for a steak dinner. I drank a beer and I even smoked a cigar because I was so damn happy. I thought to myself: no more mood swings, no more low sex drive and no more damn complaints! The mood swings and low sex drive are gone. The complaints remain. But one new problem emerged: her vaginal dryness. And because of this issue, it makes sex painful—for me and for her! What can I do?


I think it's okay to assume everyone will agree that sex is always better when wet. So what are women supposed to do after they've gone through menopause? The change has many different facets of bad times. Between the mood swings, and the practically non-existent libido, the last thing a woman wants to worry about is being incredibly dry down there.

Way Too Dry

Vaginal dryness during, or even after menopause, is actually very common to most women. It happens because of the dramatic drop in estrogen levels we experience during 'the change.' Estrogen is what keeps the vagina well lubricated and healthy. It also promotes elasticity and acidity to stave off urinary tract infections. When a woman's natural estrogen levels decline, the protective lining becomes thinner and it also loses some elasticity.

Other Common Factors

Younger women, who are not pre-menopausal or have not past the menopausal stage completely, can sometimes attract vaginal dryness because of the amount of stress they are under. Though it can be hard at times for a woman to shut off her brain in order to really enjoy sex, sometimes that's all that's needed. Take it from someone who knows first-hand, stress can cause your vagina to dry up like the desert if you let it get to you in the bedroom.

I would also suggest to any woman who is experiencing problems with proper vaginal lubrication to stop douching if they have done so in the past. Douching will only interrupt the regular chemical balance inside of the vagina. If you're already having a problem with vaginal lubrication, the act of douching will only cause the area more damage and inflammation. If, for some reason, you must freshen things up down there, you should try using an herb infused antiseptic to quell any irritation.

You Don't Stand Alone

It is very important to help your wife understand that she is in no way alone in this. Nearly forty percent of women who are post or pre-menopausal will experience some form of vaginal dryness. Luckily, there are some great herbal remedies that will not only help to enhance your sex life, they will also restore lubrication to its original production level. Natural herbs such as Wild Yam, Licorice, and Cornus are all great estrogen restoratives. (TRY: Vaginal Dryness Relief Formula) Wild yam will also balance out any shaky pH levels your wife may be exposed to because of the hormone fluctuation caused by her menopause.

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