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Ewwy Gooey Caused by Birth Control?

Female has just begun taking birth control. She had her first menstruation under the new regime, but is now having a light red-brown discharge continuing after the terminus of her period. What is causing this discharge?

Case #: 878


I just started taking birth control pills for the first time in my life when I started my period this month. It was the second week of the month. My boyfriend and I had sex the day after I was done with my period. Ever since I've been having a reddish/brown color discharge and it feels really runny when it comes out. I am not pregnant and took a pregnancy test just in case. Can someone tell me what's going on?


You can stop worrying now. No, having sex after your period did not create this situation, nor is it anything exceptionally abnormal. The discharge is actually caused by the hormones in your birth control.

Bugged by Birth Control

Female bodies process the excess hormones found in birth control very differently. Your body naturally produces estrogen and progesterone, so when synthetic forms of these hormones are entered into your body, it has to either realign itself to accommodate for these hormones, or it’s knocked out of whack and you start noticing bizarre side effects.

The second situation is what you’re noticing. Your body has begun taking in more estrogen and progesterone, and it’s offset your balance of estrogen. What you’re experiencing is spotting, known scientifically as oligomenorrhea; when you experience blood in your vaginal discharge. This is nothing to worry about, but it can be irritating when it ruins all of your underwear.

Stop the Spotting

The reason this is happening has to do, like I said, with the hormones in your body. Usually, after your period, estrogen levels begin to climb and the body starts to prepare another uterine lining to replace the one it’s just shed. However, with your body being up and down with the new hormones, there isn’t enough stable estrogen for your body to figure out that it’s time to start that process. Without the estrogen climb, your body will continue trying to flush out the old lining. That’s what the reddish brown discharge you’re having is.

Process the Problem

To fix this issue, you have to force your body to rebalance. Once your hormones are properly proportioned again, you won’t be having these issues. How can you control what your hormones are doing? Well, first you want to detoxify your body of all the excess synthetic hormones you’re taking in. You do this by kicking up your filtration systems—liver, kidneys, and circulatory system. This will prevent your body from creating a buildup of any hormones, which can further unbalance it.

The second step is to take in some phytoestrogens. These plant chemicals are little helpers for your body’s hormones. The nature of these molecules allows them to diminish the presence of hormones the body has too much of, and to gently life the levels of hormones the body needs more of. They’re known as phytoestrogens, but they can affect progesterone and even testosterone too!

How to Bid the Blood Farewell?

I’m recommending that you begin an herbal course designed to reduce vaginal discharge and detoxify your body. (TRY: Vaginal Detoxification Formula) This will help with your spotting by removing the excess hormones, and by amending your existing levels with phytoestrogen-rich herbs. It will also increase the health of your entire reproductive system through stronger circulation. Circulation is of tantamount importance to the female reproductive system—it controls your arousal, pleasure, and all-around good health.

I’m sure that by beginning such a supplement you will find your problems immensely diminished. Your body will quickly find balance in your new birth control regimen, and the spotting will stop. Don’t worry about it!

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