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A Thick white Discharge Dropped Out From Her Vagina When Aroused

Boyfriend wonders about his girlfriend’s discharge. When aroused, she emits a thick white substance. What is it? What can be done to treat it?

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When my girlfriend gets aroused sexually there is a thick white discharge from her vagina. What is it? She is 21 years old. How can it be treated?


While I usually suspect that vaginal discharge is related to an infection of some kind, especially in young, active women, the fact that you don’t mention having any itching or odor makes me think that it is instead a case of lowered progesterone levels.

Does the discharge increase or become more noticeable at certain points during the month? It’s very common for women to report changes in discharge as they progress through their menstrual cycle, so keep an eye on it, and see if it changes throughout the month.

Mucus, Mucus, Everywhere

Low progesterone levels cause the estrogen levels in the body to become abnormally high. When estrogen levels are very high, there can be serious health consequences. However, slightly raised levels of estrogen are nothing to worry about, besides the fact that it can increase cervical mucus production, resulting in increased discharge. To treat it, you must increase the presence of progesterone in the body.

Revitalize with Vitamins

There are many chemicals that increase progesterone in the body, or serve to better its action. Vitamins D, C, E, and B6, all raise estrogen levels. Vitamin D is most often gained through sun exposure, although it can also be found in the flesh of fatty fish, egg yolks, and cheese. Vitamin C comes from fruits high in citric acid, such as strawberries, oranges, and kumquats.

You can find Vitamin E in many pressed oils, the active ingredient being tocopherols. Olive and sunflower oils are higher in alpha-tocopherols, whilst corn and soybean oils are higher in gamma-tocopherols. Vitamin B6 is found in fish, starchy vegetables, fruits that are not citrus, and legumes. One chemical that is not a vitamin, rather, an amino acid, that has been found to have great effect on normalizing progesterone levels, is L-arginine. Studies show that females taking a combination of arginine, vitamins, and herbal supplements show the most positively aligned hormone levels.

Natural Sources

You can also try adding some progesterone specific herbal supplements to your diet. Black Cohosh dramatically increases progesterone levels, and should be taken between day one and day twelve of the menstrual cycle. Its high levels of progesterone are also known to help women experiencing hot flashes. Vitex Agnus Castus, also known as Chasteberry, is another great way to supplement and normalize progesterone levels.

It has been used historically to help balance out female menstrual cycles in order to increase fertility. I would recommend beginning a supplement featuring herbs that are meant to balance the menstrual cycle. Plants such as these will have the most positive effect on hormone levels; the phytoestrogens in them are able to degrade into whichever hormone the body most needs.

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