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Getting Back The Big 'O'

Do hysterectomies cause orgasm difficulties? And if they do, is there a chance to reverse the damage?

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I am a thirty-seven year old woman and next month it will be a year since I had a hysterectomy. The hysterectomy has caused me to not be able to orgasm. My fiancé can stimulate me with no problem but when I feel like I am about to climax, the feeling just disappears and there is no orgasm. What can we do? Vibrators didn't solve anything. Don't get me wrong, they're great and feel wonderful but I still don't have an orgasm. Please, any advice you can give me would be great!


I think a lot of women will agree that losing the momentum just before orgasm is one of the most sexually frustrating things on this green earth. Unfortunately, there are many possible contributing factors to female orgasm difficulty. In addition to medical situations such as yours, some underrated physical causes include fatigue, headaches, and neurological disorders.

No 'O'

Certain medications like antidepressants or blood pressure medications may also decrease the female sex drive and prevent the ability to achieve orgasm. Women who are going through menopause, or are post menopausal have notably lower estrogen levels. These lower levels of female sex hormones could lead to some drastic changes in the genital tissues and sexual responsiveness.

Comings And Goings

In order to rekindle the old spark, you might have to get creative for a while. I've learned that, for many women, the way to get off is to get up and on. The best way for a woman to reach climax is to get into frontward facing cowgirl position on top of her partner. Once in that position, she should focus on grinding her clitoris against her partner's pelvic bone. The amount of clitoral stimulation that is achieved in this position is sometimes exactly what is needed to achieve orgasm.

Herbal Intervention

I would also recommend utilizing a natural remedy that includes ingredients such as Maca, Mexican Wild Yam, Pyrola, Mucuna Pruriens, Dong Quia, and Cnidium. (SEE: Herbal Formula for Clitoral Restoration for Sensitivity & Passion Enhancement) These herbs will help to repair any damaged nerve endings. They will also oversee the proper production of DHEA and HGH levels to reverse aging, reduce possible inflammation that has formed around your clitoris, and promotes better blood circulation within the vagina and clitoris.

After a few months of taking these herbs, you should be able to reach climax more freely and frequently. It is important to remember that you already have the desire needed to reach orgasm, all that is missing right now is the estrogen level to set you off. The after affects of a hysterectomy surgery can sometimes mimic the different stages of menopause.

When menopause hits, the estrogen levels reach an all time low. Over time these levels balance themselves back out again, but it will take some time. I believe your body is reacting to the surgery in much the same way. Soon your levels will resume their normal balance with the help of the for-mentioned herbs, and you will once again be able to orgasm when prompted.

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