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Loose Vagina and No Sexual Pleasure: This 21-Year-Old Woman Needs Help in the Bedroom

She is 21 years old and already suffers from a loose vagina. She blames this on a single occasion of sex with a man with a large penis. The more likely culprit, however, is a hormonal imbalance. She might also have tissue damage caused by excessive masturbation or rigorous sex.
Case #:1146

I’m not really sure what my problem is. I had sex with someone one time that had a very large penis. I’m wondering if this one time could have possibly stretched me out. I didn’t have sex for a while after this encounter, and I just don’t feel as tight as I used to. My current boyfriend is not exactly small, and I get so wet with him that it’s almost as though I don’t feel him as much as I should. I’ve been able to feel guys smaller than him. I am only 21 years old. I’m just wondering if maybe I have a loose vagina. I’ve had guys in the past tell me I’m tight, so I don’t know what’s wrong. Please help. Thanks.

The first thing you need to know is that having sex cannot cause vaginal looseness. This myth has been perpetuated throughout time, but the reality is that vaginal muscles were made to endure intercourse. That means these muscles are much stronger than you think. Made of thick, rigid tissue, they expand and contract much like a rubber band. It is only with age and multiple childbirths that muscles lose their elasticity, a quality that helps the vagina envelop a penis during intercourse.
To help you envision this process, remember the vagina naturally enlarges to prepare for sex. As muscles expand, your body also produces lubrication. These functions are necessary to facilitate penetration and maximize pleasure, which is why it’s so important to feel aroused before engaging in sex. Once intercourse is finished, arousal diminishes and the vagina returns to its usual shape and size. Lubrication stops and muscles contract back.
Causes of Vaginal Looseness

Having said all of that, your vagina might be loose as the result of many other factors – but not sex. Taking birth control, for example, interferes with your body’s natural hormone levels. One of these hormones – estrogen – helps maintain strong and elastic vaginal walls. If your estrogen levels are imbalanced, the state of your vagina may suffer. Specifically, walls can become thin and overly stretched so intercourse is no longer pleasurable.
Long-term use of certain medications can also induce vaginal looseness by disrupting pH levels. The vagina is a self-sufficient organ that relies on an acidic environment for health. Anything that takes away from this environment can cause temporary looseness. Excessive masturbation and rigorous sex that cause damage to vaginal tissues are additional factors that can stretch the vagina.
On top of this is the fact that all women are created differently. Not everyone will have the same degree of tightness, just as different penises will be of different lengths and widths. This means that to some extent you must accept your body as it is and revel in its uniqueness.
Excessive Wetness

You mentioned that you become quite wet during intercourse. This reflects your desire and is in general a positive quality – without proper lubrication, intercourse is painful for women. But excessive vaginal wetness can interfere with the friction many couples find so pleasurable.
Wetness essentially interferes with the skin-to-skin contact made during intercourse. This takes away from nerve stimulation and can even prevent orgasm. Excessive moisture, however, can be easily managed even in the midst of making love. Simply lay on a towel that’s been placed over the bed and use it to wipe away moisture during intercourse. You might also want to dab at your boyfriend’s penis to ensure you both achieve the desired level of friction.
Regain Sexual Pleasure

Sexual satisfaction is a key ingredient of every romantic relationship. Just as your boyfriend deserves to feel pleasure, so do you. A detoxification formula can help both of you achieve just that. Made with all-natural herbs like Chrysanthemum and Chinese Milk Thistle, this formula restores sensation to damaged vaginal nerves and tissues. (TRY: Herbal Supplement for Vaginal Regeneration) It also expels toxins from the body and promotes healthy elasticity in the vagina. You’ll feel the difference the next time you and your boyfriend have sex, and you’ll forget all of your earlier concerns as pleasure washes over you.

What to do

VRD Formula II - Vaginal Regeneration & Detoxification Formula For Vaginal Looseness

Loose vaginal sponge tissue and/or weak pelvic muscles can ruin a sexual experience. Loss in muscle tone is normal. What’s not normal is the hormone imbalances that cause muscle tone after a pregnancy. VRD Formula II increases the erectility of..

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