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Who Is Me, It Burns When I Pee

Vaginal infections are dreaded by women of all ages, almost as much as menstruation.

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I am a student of Ayurveda, I am 33 and in good health. I have a history of systemic and vaginal yeast infections. They recur often. My health fluctuates from good to bad, and I don’t always have energy and felt painful when I pee. Can you help me find a combination to improve my health and sex life without exacerbating the places I am out of balance?


The Common Denominator:

Vaginal infections can plague the female body and bring misery quicker than any other condition. They are painful, annoying and often embarrassing. Knowing what causes infections, and how to prevent them can help women take back this private part of their lives. The three most common infections are a urinary tract infection, yeast infection and bladder infection. Often these three occur at the same time.

I Have to Pee, but it Hurts and Smells Bad!

Understanding the three infections, figuring out which one is the culprit and treating the infection are the most important things you can do. UTIs are common and can have several different causes.

Untreated bladder infections, poor hygiene, hormonal imbalances, intercourse, waiting too long to pee, and bacteria from the rectum can all cause a UTI. You may have one or more of the symptoms associated with UTIs. They can be any or all of the following: strong urge to pee, burning, itching, fever and a foul smell.

Yeast infections are similar to UTIs but are caused by fungus candida. Antibiotics, pregnancy, and a weak immune system are the most common causes of the yeast infection. The symptoms are typically the same as a UTI. A yeast infection, however, is usually accompanied by thick, clumpy discharge.

Finally, we have the bladder infection. This is perhaps the most dangerous, because if left untreated, the bacteria can travel to the kidneys and cause damage. Its causes and symptoms also can be a combination of both UTIs and yeast infections.

What can help?

Watching your hygiene and the way you wipe after a bowel movement can minimize your risk of all three infections. Anal sex is often a cause of bacteria traveling through your urethra and causing all of the pain and discomfort you feel. Take care of any hormonal imbalance you have to prevent this from happening again.

Your practice of Ayurveda has taught you the healing qualities of nature. As you are probably well aware, for years, all around the world people turn to herbs. Cranberry is a well-known herbal remedy used to treat UTIs and bladder infections. Hibiscus is proven to prevent bacterial growth in the urethra. A combination of both may be just what you need to treat this aggravating problem.

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