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Am I Too Dry, Or Is He Too Big?

Learn how exactly estrogen works in relation to how wet we get when the time is right.

Case #: 1728


My husband is very gifted with a 9 1/2 inch penis and it is thick from end to end, it's huge! We like to have sex almost every single day and I have noticed that when we have sex my vagina stays dry. It doesn't make any sort of difference if we engage in foreplay or not, because the outcome is the same. My vagina is so dry that it is making it very uncomfortable for him. We used condoms in the past and even with condoms it was a problem. It's as if my vagina doesn't produce any of its own lubricant like I've read it's supposed to. Can you please help me understand, and maybe give me a solution to my problem with my dryness?


Dry sex is definitely on my top ten list of “bad things I never want to experience.” It's no fun for any- body involved, and can obviously be quite painful. Unfortunately, there are some women out there that are unable to properly produce enough lubrication in order to fully enjoy sex.

Slip And Slide

There are many reasons why the condition of vaginal dryness may occur. For instance, if you've recently experienced a decline in your estrogen levels, this may be the cause of your dry area. This happens because estrogen is pretty much the life source of the vagina. It keeps the vagina healthy by maintaining proper lubrication, acidity, and elasticity.

Estrogen levels can decrease for a number of reasons. Some birth controls can actually cause unbalanced levels. Other known contributors include, but are not limited to; Breast-feeding, allergies, menopause, cigarette smoke, ovarian failure, anti-depressants, and some cold medications.


One of the most common causes of low estrogen volume is pre-menopause. This is because, just as when you first experienced a surge of estrogen during puberty, your body goes through the reverse process in a sort of decompression of female hormones.

Stress Test

Stress can also be a key factor of vaginal dryness. As we all know, women share a deep connection between emotions and sexually charged hormones. I personally know that when I'm stressed, the last thing I want to think about is having sex. Subsequently, this can affect how much lubrication you produce during a sex act.

It is also a possibility that your husband's considerable size requires a larger amount of lubrication than normal. Whatever the reason, no matter what, you must raise your estrogen levels in order to once again produce the amount of lubrication you've previously been accustom to. The best way to do that is by going all natural and herbal.

The Wild Yam

A great, natural way to raise female estrogen levels is to utilize organic herbs such as Wild Yam. (SEE: WIld Yam Vaginal Moisturizing Gels) There are some great gels with this key ingredient that help to maintain vaginal lubrication. Not only will the yam help the female form to produce more lubrication, it will also help to create estrogen by mimicking hormonal activity.

If you do not experience a positive change in your self-lubrication tendencies after applying the gel for up to six months, I would highly recommend seeing your OBGYN about the problem.

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