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I No Longer Have A G-Spot

Learn how a woman fears she's lost the ability to orgasm ever again.

Case #: 914


I had a great sex life with exploding multiple orgasms, including G-spot female ejaculations up until February when I had the sling procedure done for stress incontinence. I do not take medication and I have never abused my body in any way. I had a tubal ligation sixteen years ago but never had any problems with orgasms until after the sling procedure. I have talked with the urologist that performed my surgery and he doesn’t know why it would have any bearing on my sex life...go figure, and my gynecologist says it’s not medically proven that there is a G-spot but I know that the exploding orgasms I had did exist. I'm not crazy, and I also feel my husband feels somewhat upset that he no longer can satisfy me in that way. Please help us.


Much like the female orgasm, the G-spot is a very mercurial creature. I for one have never cracked the 'G-code,' but I'm not at all fazed. I, like almost 70% percent of women, have only ever been able to orgasm through outer means. Penetration alone has never, and will never be enough stimulation for myself and more than half the women in the world to reach climax.

The Female Pleasure Zone

The real key to sexually pleasing a woman is heavily based on clitoral stimulation. Unfortunately, some women lose sensitivity in their clitoris, which deceases their sexual pleasure considerably.

Most likely, the G-spot female ejaculation that you once experienced was actually a reaction of the urinary incontinence. The sling procedure is conducted on the area that the elusive G-spot may or may not reside. During the procedure, the tissues and the nerves of that area were cut and healed as scars. Prior to installing the urethral support sling, your G-spot's nerve endings protruded proudly, and were much easier to stimulate. Post operation, the sling is possibly covering your G-spot some and isolating it from being stimulated. This could also be the reason why you do not experience the same level of feeling during penetration.

Other Causes

In addition to the sling, there are other variables that may have the same affect on a woman. Other causes include, but are not limited to; Birth control pill damage, medications that have caused clitoral insensitivity, and over use of a vibrator. All of these factors lead to the same outcome, lower hormone levels. The production of estrogen and progesterone is essential to a well functioning, and healthy vagina. If the levels of these hormones are diminished for any reason, the sensitivity of the vagina and clitoris will greatly decrease.

How To Fix It

The best way to revive and rejuvenate vaginal sensitivity is by repairing the vaginal and clitoral nerve endings, increasing blood circulation to the area, and reducing harmful clitoral inflammation. Natural herbs such as Mexican Wild Yam, Dong Quia, and Mucuna Pruriens can do just that and much more. (SEE: Sensitivity Revival for Clitoral Revitalization) These herbs will work together to provide a woman's body with the nutrients it needs in order to oversee the proper production of hormones like DHEA and HGH. With the correct levels of hormones running throughout the body, your libido and vaginal sensitivity will be through the roof in no time at all.

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