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Pleasure has decreased due to her excessive vaginal discharge. The extra lubrication is almost like a water hose turned all the way on. Find out why she is experiencing cramping and excessive discharge.

Case #: 814


My boyfriend and I enjoy our pleasure time. I notice that when we do engage in sex, I tend to get really wet. It’s like a water hose turned on, and because of this added lubrication, I start to experience less pleasure. And because we tend to have rough sex, I will experience vaginal cramps here and there. What can be causing this added wetness and cramps?


You are experiencing an estrogen dominance, a problem that occurs when too little progesterone remains in the body to balance the levels of estrogen, which begins to supersede its natural functions. Because estrogen controls vaginal health, low levels leave the vagina a dry, withered sock. However, with too much estrogen, your body overproduces lubrication and creates a host of other problems, such as cervical cramping. To fix this problem, you need only increase your progesterone levels.

Team Players

Estrogen and progesterone work to create a healthy reproductive arena. Estrogen controls the lubrication levels of the vagina; the thickness and health of the vaginal and urethral tissues; and the tone of the pelvic muscles. It prompts ovulation too. Progesterone, meanwhile, determines when menstruation will occur—it must drop before menstruation will begin. Low progesterone signals that the body is not pregnant. And the elasticity of pelvic muscles, smooth muscle contractions, and the mucus barrier around the cervix are all controlled by progesterone. Without the presence of progesterone, you will be prone to painful menstrual and pelvic cramps.

I Thought Estrogen Was a Good Thing!

While estrogen is necessary for a healthy reproductive cycle, too much is unhealthy. Multiple signs of estrogen dominance exist, and we’re seeing more and more of them today, especially as xenoestrogens permeate our environment. Xenoestrogens are found in plastics, certain prescription medications and pesticides. Xenoestrogens mimic estrogen and create problems, such as premature puberty in girls and false feminization in males. More obvious symptoms include water retention, weight gain, sugar cravings, tiredness and poor circulation. High estrogen levels have also been linked to endometriosis, ectopic pregnancies, and uterine and breast cancers.

The Progesterone Prescription

Don’t freak out yet! It’s easy to treat estrogen dominance. An easy way to modify estrogen and progesterone levels in your body is by taking an herbal supplement that includes plants high in phytoestrogens. (TRY: Hormonal Realignment Herbal Remedy for Excessive Discharge) Phytoestrogens degrade into progesterone or androgens the body needs. I’m recommending that you start a course intended for women experiencing hot flashes; the cause of hot flashes is also related to low progesterone, and the herbs featured in this compound can increase progesterone levels. Even today, topical creams featuring Wild Yam extract increases progesterone, so I’m sure you’ll see quick results with this formula. Good luck!

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