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Not in Seventh Heaven: After 7 Children, She’s Losing Her Grip

She’s had seven children, and isn’t having any luck tightening her vagina with Kegel exercises. She thinks her husband is losing interest in sex due to this issue. What can she do to regain her tightness again?

Case #: 1795


Kegel exercises don't work. I've had seven children and I think my husband doesn’t enjoy sex as much as before, due to my vaginal looseness. What can I do?


There’s only one reason Kegels wouldn’t benefit a woman who regularly practices them correctly. That reason is a hormonal imbalance. It sounds like you’re going into the change of life, and that—combined with your extensive parity—has combined to make your vagina resistant to tightening up. But fear not! We’ll soon whip it into shape again.

Hormone Nose Dive

During menopause, hormone production in women goes way down. Not every hormone, but important ones for females, i.e. estrogen and progesterone. Not having the normal levels of these hormones can create all sorts of problems for you in your journey through menopause, from hot flashes, to foggy-headedness, to a dry, loose vagina. However, as you appear to be suffering more from the lack of one hormone than from both, we’ll concentrate on that direction.

Out of Toner

Vaginal tone is controlled by estrogen. Estrogen keeps vaginal tissues tight, plumped, and well lubricated. When estrogen levels start to go south, so does your vagina. No amount of Kegels in the world will bring back the tone of a vagina without a little chemical help from your own body. So, what you need to do is to bring your estrogen levels back from the dead.

Natural Healing

Actually, it’s not recommended to take pure estrogen in most cases, so we’ll use a more natural method to increase this hormone. The reason it’s not recommended to take pure estrogen is because estrogen also controls the growth of breast, ovary, and uterine tissues; thus, taking in more estrogen than your body needs can create an overgrowth of these tissues, eg. cancer.

Phyto Fighters

So, how does one take in estrogen without exposing herself to the risk of cancer? Through phytoestrogens! These are powerful and helpful chemicals found in plants such as soy, clovers, and many seeds. Phytoestrogens act like estrogen inside the body, but because they are truly plant derived, they break down easily and pass out of the body when not needed. They also contain a much lower amount of estrogen, about 20% of the normal molecule. In this way, you can safely increase your estrogen and repair your vaginal looseness, all without stress or worry.

I recommend beginning an herbal supplement that contains these phytoestrogenic plants. (SEE: Herbal Remedy for Vaginal & Clitoral Restoration) You’ll soon notice results in the bedroom thanks to Rehmannia and Maca; these two plants pack a powerful punch when it comes to hormonal restoration and muscle repair. I hope you’re soon back to your old self!

What to do

Botanical Remedy For Clitoral & Vaginal Repair

This formula is based on ancient Chinese Medicine methods of promoting the secretion of female hormones and enhancing sexual response and sensitivity. The herbs in this formula can increase clitoral stimulation by improving blood circulation to the...

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