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Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde's Advantures

Woman hates how badly her hormones affect her during her menstrual cycle. She becomes sensitive and cranky, and experiences headaches and cramping as well. She worries that she’s driving away her family and friends. What can she do?

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I hate my hormones for the damage they do to my relationships. Once a month, my friends start to tease me about how moody, emotional, and cranky I will become. And once a month, I’ll experience terrible headaches, painful cramps, crying spells, and outbursts. My boyfriend will literally avoid making plans to see me or speak to me because he’s fearful of the things I’ll say or do. And now I am worried that my friends, family, and even boyfriend will further loathe me for my behavior. What can I do?


I’m sorry you’ve been having such problems with your period! Periods are irritating, but they’re not meant to be life consuming! If you’re having such strong issues, the problem lies in your hormonal balance during menstruation.

When They Dip, You Go Off the Deep End

During your menstrual cycle, levels of progesterone and estrogen fluctuate throughout the month. Right before you begin to menstruate, your levels of progesterone drop right off—which signals to your body that you’re not pregnant and that it’s ok to flush the lining of the uterus. Progesterone is a major mood stabilizer in the body, without it, you might go a little crazy; feeling sad, weepy, and irritable.

Your estrogen levels are also low during this time, causing you to feel less happy and less satisfied. Estrogen is actually the trigger that causes you to feel overly sensitive and emotionally needy; the way it interacts with serotonin in the brain can also cause issues with depression. You are not to blame for your actions during this period; your own body’s fighting against you!

Flower Power

As a female, I, too, have issues with feeling sad, needy, or irritable before my period. What I use, almost exclusively, is Evening Primrose Oil. It’s meant to be a mood-stabilizer, counteracting the downward spiral of PMS. The mechanism of action is the delivery of gamma-linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid, low levels of which are thought to contribute mood swings and other physical PMS symptoms.

Evening Primrose Oil works well with me. I do not take it exclusively for my period, but any time I’m feeling down. I usually take one, forget I took it, and in a little while realize I’m no longer focusing on the irritating little things of everyday, or the black hole of loneliness. I recommend this supplement to every female I know that ever feels sad, needy, or cranky; and males, too, although it’s generally meant to be a female supplement.

Have a Pleasant Period

What I recommend for you at this time is to begin an herbal course featuring high in phytoestrogens, which will modify your body’s sensation of being hormone-deficient during menses—thereby ameliorating your horrible PMS symptoms. (TRY: PMS Relief Formula) Phytoestrogens are helpful plant chemicals that your body recognizes as a natural source of the hormones it’s craving. This particular supplement also contains Evening Primrose Oil, which to me makes it an excellent option for any woman suffering from PMS. The assistance of these compounds will prevent the extremities of cramping, bloating, and headaches as well.

I’m certain that by beginning this supplement, you will feel much, much better, and your family and friends will feel safe to be near you once more. Feel better soon!

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