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A Call for Help: She Doesn’t Orgasm despite Daily Sex with Her Husband

She has sex nearly every day with her husband but doesn’t reach orgasm. Even stimulating her clit with a vibrator doesn’t do the trick. Her ailment is damaged tissue caused by vibrator abuse.

Case #: 935


I’m 19 years old. My husband and I have sex almost every day, and I’ve been trying to have an orgasm. But no luck yet – I don’t think. Every time it feels close or we use a vibrator on my clit, my legs shake violently and I can’t take it.


It is estimated that 10 percent of women in the United States have never climaxed. In addition, only 25 percent of women reach orgasm every single time they have intercourse. The point of these statistics is to show that the female “O” is a fleeting and sometimes altogether elusive event. Some scientists even wonder why females orgasm at all because no link exists between it and pregnancy.

Many women would say the female orgasm was designed to provide pleasure. But those who can’t climax trade satisfaction for stress. This implies something is wrong in the bedroom and can quickly translate to serious relationship problems if not corrected.

Blocking the Female Orgasm

One of the most common impediments to the female orgasm is lack of knowledge. Women, especially young women, don’t understand their bodies. This prevents them from knowing what will bring them to orgasm and how to translate that information to their partners.

Similarly, men don’t always know what women need to feel good. They will occasionally see their partners getting close to climax and either stop what they’re doing or change techniques. The reason for this likely has to do with sexual excitement.

It’s important to remember that orgasm only comes after sufficient desire and arousal. Many women need foreplay that involves touching, teasing and kissing. This prepares their bodies as much as their minds – females need a little romantic interlude to jump from the day’s activities to intercourse.

The clitoris is another crucial player in the female orgasm. It was designed for no purpose other than pleasure, and to provide this it contains thousands of nerve endings that, when stimulated, induce orgasm. But this organ is highly sensitive and therefore must be handled with care.

Too Much to Handle

A lot of couples experiment with vibrators to add some excitement to sex. These devices are supposed to provide the ultimate stimulation by applying direct pressure to a woman’s “hot spot.” They’re also supposed to relieve men of the duty involved with bringing a woman to orgasm.

But vibrators are perfect to a fault. With varying degrees of speed and pulses, they can overstimulate the clitoris and even desensitize nerves. This causes damage to genital tissue so orgasm becomes impossible.

Unlike the soft and subtle traits of human touch, vibrators are concentrated devices. They’re not made for daily or even regular use, but are instead meant for occasional play. You and your husband have unfortunately experimented a little too much and are inadvertently responsible for your orgasm dysfunction. This is not a permanent condition, and it can be remedied with a little time. But you’ll need to take a break from the vibrator and focus on other ways to feel good during sex.

The two of you should feel free to experiment with new positions and techniques, including oral sex. About ten minutes of oral usually helps a woman easily achieve orgasm. The woman-on-top position is another way to stimulate your clit while engaging in intercourse so both of you feel satisfied.

Repair the Damage

To quickly repair the damage caused by a vibrator, you can use an all-natural regeneration formula designed specifically for females. (TRY: Herbal Vaginal Repair Formula) The formula contains herbs like Black Cohosh and Muira Puama to improve blood flow to the genitals and also balance hormone levels. This will stimulate new tissue growth and help you feel the all-consuming pleasure orgasm brings.

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