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I Love Getting Wet, But This Is Too Much

I get extremely wet to the point where it's gross. When is enough, enough?

Case #: 574


I have a question, and I need your help. Every time I have sex with my fiancé, I get extremely wet to the point where it's gross. I know it's starting to bother him, and I don't know what to do. It happens sometimes as soon as we start having sex. How can I stop the added moisture?


The Truth About Discharge

When a woman produces more lubrication than needed, a hormonal imbalance may be at fault. Lubrication minimizes friction to prevent pain, and during stimulation, the body releases more liquid to prepare for intercourse. And every woman wants to get “wet” for her significant other, but what do we do when there's a blitz of wetness?

Lubrication volume varies from woman to woman, and it can lessen or increase during intercourse or ovulation. In this particular case, the moisture level can increase because of several possibilities. If, for instance, you have started or stopped using birth control recently, the body can experience abnormal hormonal fluctuations. Don’t be embarrassed nor feel that you're the only woman with this problem. Many women, including myself, have experienced the unwanted sensation of being too wet.

The Too-Wet Crew

This hormonal fluctuation prevents your body from producing enough progesterone, cortisol and prolactin. Instead, your body creates too much estrogen, oxytocin and prostaglandin E2. Speak to your OBGYN who can create a plan for decreasing estrogen levels; she may even provide you with a different contraceptive that only includes progesterone. If you continue becoming too wet that your partner's penis slips out, try using an unlubricated condom.

What Else Could It Be?

Pay attention to the kind of discharge released. Inordinate discharge with an abnormal color or odor is a clear sign of a vaginal infection. If you've experienced these additional symptoms, notify your doctor immediately; she may need to conduct tests to identify the problem or complications.

Still Too Wet?

If it seems like you've exhausted all of your options, it's time to go natural. Herbs such as Evodia, Dong Quai and Curcuma minimize vaginal wetness. These herbs and a few others will work together to regulate the moisture. Make your own tincture to balance your horomone and diminish discharge with this recipe.

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