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Use Vibrator To Assist My Orgasm Inability, But Now It's Harder To Reach Orgasm With It

Woman wonders why she can’t achieve orgasm like she could in the past. Years of multiple orgasms by the use of a vibrator or water have desensitized her. Why can she no longer enjoy orgasms like she used to, and what can she do to improve her sensitivity again?

Case #: 547


Hello, my problems from the past are coming back to haunt me. In the past, I had trouble reaching orgasm if I did not use a vibrator. Now, I even have difficulty achieve one orgasm with a vibrator! In the past, I was able to reach an orgasm up to five times in one session. Please advise. Thank you.


It appears that constant vibrator use devastated your body. The more you orgasm, the further you ruin your body’s ability to recover from the injuries. Vibrator usage, especially prolonged use, can ravage the skin and tissue surrounding the G-spot and clitoris. Furthermore, prolonged usage can fill your body with unwanted hormones that impede an orgasm.

Where Have All the Orgasms Gone?

The reason you’re not having multiple orgasms anymore is because your body has become flooded with prolactin. Prolactin, released after an orgasm, creates a refractory period (the time required for another orgasm).

Most women are quickly able to overcome the refractory period and orgasm again. It appears in your case, your body requires a longer refractory period because of the heightened prolactin. Normally, it takes about an hour for prolactin levels to return to normal, however, if you have more prolactin in your body than can be filtered out, the body will be unable to experience an orgasm. When you experience multiple orgasms, day-in and day-out, your body becomes filled with prolactin that prevents you from having multiple sessions of pleasure.

Is This Thing On?

Prolactin, collated with a depletion of estrogen, testosterone, HGH, dopamine and serotonin, ruin the sensitivity of your genitals. Prolactin, especially in high levels, causes the sex organs to become unresponsive. The extreme stimulation of a vibrator, meanwhile, can cause desensitization, and when mixed with high prolactin levels in your body, you find it difficult to orgasm. You must stop the prolactin flood!

Cleanse and Mend

You need to immediately begin a detoxification course to flush the excess prolactin from your body. Once the prolactin is gone, you will begin to experience multiple orgasms once more, and you will easily be able to reach orgasm.

I’d suggest putting away your vibrator for a while, and concentrating on reaching orgasm through the use of your own two hands. You still must take some time between sessions, or your body will still buildup prolactin levels. You should continue with the herbal treatment to keep cleansing your body of the hazardous levels of prolactin, especially if you find you cannot give up your old ways. Best of luck!

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