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Internal Organs Cause External Pain: Her Tipped Uterus Interferes with Her Orgasms

She has a tipped uterus that’s causing pain during sex and masturbation. Her biggest complaint is intense pain at the time of orgasm, which is causing her to refrain from all sexual activity. A natural herbal formula will combat the symptoms of a tipped uterus and enable her to again enjoy orgasm.

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When I have an orgasm, there is intense pain under my bladder, on top of the hard bone above the clitoris. This is not normal for me and has been happening for a year now. I am worried about it. It is so bad that I have not masturbated until just today to see if I still would have pain, and I did. Please, what can be wrong?


Sex and masturbation alike should be about pleasure, not pain. The truth, however, is that many women experience some type of discomfort during intercourse. Some feel tenderness, while others suffer vaginal dryness. Pain during orgasm is also common, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with it. What you do need is some knowledge of your anatomy and how you can engage in sex in a way that meets your physical needs.

The Tipped Uterus

You have a tipped uterus, a condition that afflicts as many as one in three women. This can occur as the result of several different factors. Normally the uterus is tilted slightly forward so it points toward the belly, but in some women it does not move during maturation and instead stays in a backward position. Scarring caused by endometriosis or fibroids as well as childbirth can also force the uterus to tilt backward.

A tipped uterus does not always present symptoms. However, two of the most common signs are pain during orgasm and/or menstruation. This is because the uterus sits just above the vagina. It resembles an upside-down pear and is the approximate size of a fist. Its lower end turns into the cervix and connects to the vagina. Because of its close proximity to the vagina, the uterus can certainly cause pain during intercourse and masturbation.

Pain, Sex and Orgasm with a Tipped Uterus

A woman with a tipped uterus is likely to experience pain during intercourse because the penis head often taps or buts the uterus. The uterus is not a sex organ, and touching it does not create sexual stimulation. Most women find the “doggy style” position to be the most uncomfortable because it increases vulnerability of the uterus. Other women experience pain when they’re on top because of deep penetration. The solution is to find which position, such as missionary style, feels the best to you and stick with it.

You mentioned that you have intense pain during orgasm when you masturbate. This is because both the uterus and vagina contract an average of six to 10 times at climax. But your tipped uterus does not contract the way a normally-positioned uterus would. This is not to say that each climax must be painful, but that you may have to change how you masturbate.

The uterus is connected to the clitoris through a complex highway of nerves and tissues. The pudendal nerve in particular is responsible for the pleasurable feelings experienced during orgasm. This branches off in the pelvic region and becomes the dorsal nerve of the clitoris, but it is also connected to the uterus. Thus, problems with your uterus are likely to extend to your clitoris, which is why you feel pain during masturbation. One way to overcome this pain is to leave your underwear on during masturbation, which will reduce direct contact with your clitoris so the pudendal nerve is not irritated.

Act Now and Feel Better

You can also naturally treat the symptoms of a tipped uterus with an herbal formula designed to increase clitoral sensitivity and undo tissue damage. (TRY: Tipped Uterus Restoration Formula) For centuries, the powerful effects of herbs have been harnessed for medicinal purposes. Ingredients like Evening Primrose Oil and Dong Quai serve to balance hormones, which will in turn stimulate strong vaginal health, and rejuvenate nerve endings. In the end, you’ll once more enjoy the pleasures of sex and benefit from strong, body-quaking orgasms.

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