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Like a Fine Wine – Don't Let Age and Hysterectomy Kill Your Sex Life

Meet one 76-year-old woman who's ready to start having the best sex of her life. Just two problems: her past hysterectomy is making it difficult for her to achieve orgasm, and the new man in her life is suffering from testosterone imbalance. See what can be done, and learn how sex can be enjoyed at any age.

Case #: 870


I am 76 years old woman and have been talking to a man who wants me to be his sex partner. I know him only with conversations. He was treated for large excess testosterone and I would also like to pass on to him any information about his condition. He also is very long and large, 9" and that is why I am excited to be his sex partner. Would you have information on balancing the testosterone?

As a musician he had always had various sexual partners and is very knowledgeable about love making. I, on the other hand, have never had satisfactory sex. I had a hysterectomy in the 80’s with a spouse (now deceased) who didn’t have a clue about anything under the covers. Here is an opportunity I dearly want. I have read your articles on hysterectomy and it’s very discouraging. The man expects me to have six orgasms.


Who says that the party has to end just because you're getting older? At 76, you can enjoy the best sex of your life, but it sounds like you definitely have some hurdles to overcome. For starters, women who undergo hysterectomy tend to lose a tremendous amount of testosterone, and this can greatly impact sensitivity and sex drive.

In addition, the scar tissue damages the nerve endings inside your vagina, thereby making it extremely difficult to experience the tingles and sensations of deep, penetrative sex. In your case, it's like the desire is definitely there; we just need to improve the infrastructure. In other words, the keys are in the ignition, but the engine needs a jump start.

Hysterectomy – Not the End of the Road

In order to restore your full sexual function, we need to address two primary factors: the hormonal imbalance and the nerve damage, both stemming from your hysterectomy. Well, that's partially true, but age will also account in small part for the hormonal imbalance.

Thankfully, there are herbal remedies available that serve these very functions. (SEE: Hysterectomy Restorex Formula) For example, herbs like American Ginseng, Black Cohosh, and Evening Primrose Oil contain natural acids that aid in the recovery of tissue and nerve damage along the uterus, vagina, and clitoris. These herbs also increase your production of the hormone DHEA, which improves libido and sensitivity. Before you know it, you'll be spending a lot less time in your garden and a lot more time in the bedroom.

As for Your Boy Toy

Testosterone imbalance is a common issue facing men, but fortunately it's easy to treat. Found high in the Himalayas, and in other Eastern mountain regions, there exists an organic, medicinal substance known as Shilajit. Since the 1950s, scientists and doctors and have been studying and researching this unique and incredible food additive. Among other things, it has been found to restore testosterone balance in men of all ages.

Recommend a Shilajit supplement to your male partner, and start enjoying the best sex of your life. (TRY: Shilajit Testosterone Balancer) You owe it to yourself, but don't do it just for you. Do it for every aging woman who ever had to satisfy her own needs while her impotent husband watched the football game; do it for every post-menopausal retiree who ever reluctantly accepted her fate volunteering at the local library instead of achieving mind-blowing orgasms; do it for every young girl who wastes her libido on meaningless sex with no appreciation for how it's actually done. Okay, I think that's enough.

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