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She Thinks Her Husband’s Penis is to Blame, but Her Overactive Bladder is the Result of Age

She suffers from a weak bladder and leaks urine during the most intimate of times – when she and her husband have sex. He is well-endowed, and she attributes her incontinence to his generous size. But the real cause is age; overactive bladder is a common affliction of older women. She can overcome this with an herbal formula designed to restore bladder function.

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My bladder is weak. For some time now, there have been occasions where I gush when penetrated. My husband’s penis is very large, yet I know this could not possibly be female ejaculate. This is urine without a doubt – I know from the smell and stain on the mattress. I feel that because of his size, I have been stretched, and he no longer feels tightness in me. This embarrasses me. He claims it still feels good, but I know better. Is there any help out there?


When it comes to incontinence, many women are too embarrassed to speak out. They feel it is one more flaw they must hide from loved ones and health care providers. But this problem is more common than you might think, affecting up to 50 percent of all women. Overactive bladder is especially prevalent in the older population but should not be dismissed as a normal part of aging. It is a condition that can and should be effectively treated.

Risk Factors for Incontinence

The two types of incontinence that most often afflict women are: stress incontinence, usually induced during times of lifting, sneezing or coughing; or urge incontinence, characterized by the abrupt and frequent need to urinate. Weak pelvic muscles cause the former, while the latter is the result of irritated and/or excessively active bladder muscles.

The urinary tract is composed of the bladder and urethra. While urine accumulates in the bladder, it stays relaxed and then contracts while urine is released. Meanwhile, the urethra controls urine flow. You can liken it to a valve that, whether a woman is at rest or active, prevents accidental leakage.

Childbirth and age are the primary factors that contribute to stress incontinence. Pregnancy fatigues pelvic muscles, especially after multiple deliveries. Similarly, as a woman ages, her estrogen levels wane. The loss of this hormone causes muscles around the urethra and in the bladder to thin and lose their strength. They lose the ability to contain urine, and leaks become increasingly harder to hide.

Women suffer from overactive bladder when muscles that support the urethra become weakened. The sphincter, which encircles the urethra, loses strength with childbirth and age. As this and other muscles weaken, the bladder muscle known as the detrusor becomes “excitable.” This means it doesn’t relax to allow the bladder to expand and hold urine. Without that expansion, the bladder must empty itself more frequently, thus causing the repeated urge “to go.”

Losing It during Intercourse

It’s a common misconception among women that engaging in too much sex or having a partner with a large penis will stretch the vagina’s muscles. But these concerns stem from guilt or anxiety – not from reality. The truth is that society has convinced women they must have “tight” vaginas in order for men to want them. However, every vagina is different, meaning one might naturally be looser than another. Every vagina also ages, which explains why looseness prevails in older women.

Although the vagina doesn’t lose its shape as a result of sex, incontinence can occur during this activity. Your husband’s penis isn’t to blame, but rather the natural loosening of muscles as explained above. Any physical exertion, including that of laughter, can cause the bladder to lose control.

No More Embarrassing Leaks

Simple changes to your lifestyle will help prevent urine leaks. Start by managing your fluid intake. It’s important to drink at least eight glasses of water each day, but reach this goal by drinking smaller amounts at each interval. Also drink throughout the entire day and stick to water or milk. Acidic beverages can irritate bladder muscles and add to incontinence problems.

You can improve your bladder function with a specially-blended herbal formula. Ingredients like Astragalus and Morinda strengthen pelvic floor muscles to prevent embarrassing leaks. (TRY: Urinary Incontinence and Bladder Health Formula) They also improve nerve activity so the bladder is once more under control. You’ll no longer suffer stress incontinence or tiresome urges to frequently urinate.

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