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She’s Tried it All: What to Do When They’re Just Not Into You

She’s feeling lonely as a big, beautiful woman. Nobody is interested in her; she’s tried diets, makeup, and everything in between. She’s looking for love, but results are not forthcoming. What can she do to attract a man that will give her the lovin’ she craves?
Case #:1766

Seriously speaking, I am really sad to think that nobody finds me attractive. I am a woman that is full-figured, and it seems that men only "settle" for all women like myself. This type of woman doesn't really seem to be attractive. I want to be able to attract a stud of a man, and be able to spend lots and lots of time with him, and have lots of sex. I am not that big, and not ugly at all, but men just aren’t interested. Is there a way that I can get them to become attracted for once? I have tried everything: losing weight, makeup, but nothing works for me. Please help me.

It’s too bad that your experience in the dating world has been so disappointing so far. I think there are many men who don’t feel that a full-figured woman is something they’d have to “settle” for. I suppose it depends on the group of men you’re searching amongst. There are those men who are swayed by the stupid beauty standard of today, and think only six-feet-tall, rail thin, long-haired women are worth pursuing. Then there are those men who prefer a woman who is actually beautiful—with pretty features and a well-formed body.

You say you’ve tried everything, but I think there’s one thing left to try. This method ensures results, because it’s an attack from a quarter that men never expect: their brains. I’m not saying you should try to intellectually ensnare a man, although you probably wouldn’t have bad results with that path either, as it is my opinion that a well-educated man is also further from the stereotypes of our society. No, I’m telling you to try a chemical enhancement, in the form of pheromones.
Too Clean

In this day and age, people tend to destroy their natural pheromones with deodorants and constant bathing. Thus, the levels of androstenol—the female pheromone—are rendered impossible to detect. This is a real problem, because pheromones have been proven to play a vital role in the sexual attraction process in humans and other mammals. Just how they work is a process in itself. Pheromones are sensed through the vomeronasal organ in the nose—an area near the nostrils that is used only to detect pheromones. This organ then relays to the hypothalamus region of the brain, the area associated with memory and hormone formation, as well as autonomic processes such as temperature control.
Hip, Hip, Hypothalamus!

After the hypothalamus is stimulated it goes on to produce a testosterone response in males, which causes them to feel both manlier and more sexually aggressive. The outcome of this process differs from man to man, but you can expect to see a general increase in the number of your interactions with men.
Get Your Party Started

So, why not try a pheromone spray to get you back on your feet? (SEE: Female Attractant Pheromones) I’m sure you’ll quickly see positive results. Studies claim more interactions with the opposite sex, more interest in conversation, and more desire to approach. Additional experiences from pheromone users even admit to better tips (while used during working hours, ha)!
I hope this experience boosts your opinion of the male sex, and gives you a better outlook on yourself, too!

What to do

Pheromones Guide For Female

Your nose determines beauty.

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