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My C-Section Has Opened Up The Flood Gates

Learn how a cesarean can really have an impact on your everyday life, and what you can do to heal faster.

Case #: 770


After my C-section, I knew the pain would be awful. But heck, if that pain was the price to pay for my healthy son, it was well worth the hassle. Now that the pain has left, a new problem has emerged: frequent vaginal discharge. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I cannot stop this issue.


Some women may not realize this, but there is such a thing as too much discharge. If the amount your body is producing is well over the limit, it could make for a not so enjoyable sexual experience. Just as too little female ejaculate makes intercourse a rather cumbersome activity, too much of it can leave both parties desensitized during the act. And nobody wants that.

Too Much Wet Stuff

When a woman gives birth through cesarean, the circulation of blood and the nerves that run to the uterus become severed. This results in an enlargement of the vagina as well as possible damage done to the clitoris that causes it to shrink and scare. Subsequently, this could cause the clitoris to become completely desensitized until the tissue there is fully healed.

How It Happens

A C-section essentially cuts off the sensory nerves located in the pelvic area. This includes the clitoris, uterus, and the vagina itself. These crucial sectors of the body are made responsible for the exudation of sexual organ stimulation to the dopamine-hypothalamus-pituitary axis. This transduction is imperative to the release of Oxycontin, which is an essential ingredient to create vaginal lubrication. It also promotes relaxation and prompts orgasmic responses. Because these gateways for orgasmic bliss are damaged during a cesarean pregnancy, the body will begin to over compensate. Leaving you wetter than a river bed. Over time, these scars will heal and the blood vessels will form together once again, but it will take some time.

How To Fix It

Unfortunately, there isn't a quick fix that will magically repair your blood vessels. Like I mention above, this will take some time. However, there is most definitely a way to snatch the over flow your experiencing. Natural herbs such as Maca, Dong Quai, and Cornus are great vaginal rejuvenators. (SEE: Vaginal Repair Herbal Formula) Together they will work together to repair any clitoral scaring, fix damaged sensory nerves and receptors, and help to mend some much needed blood circulation in the vaginal area.

Once you've started an herbal remedy that fits your needs, I would also recommend doing some daily kegel exercises to keep your pelvic floor muscles from going slack. If you've never done a kegel before, don't worry, they're quite easy. The next time you're taking a bathroom break, try to control the flow of your urine by bearing down on those PC muscles. If you can start and stop that flow you can kegel with the best of them.

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