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Why Is My Sex Life Getting So Painful?

Are you an overactive masturbator? What is the normal amount of masturbation anyway?

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Hi, I have two questions. I was wondering if it is safe, or healthy for a young woman to masturbate five times a week, and experience multiple orgasms on some days? I would also like to know what could be the cause of my aching vaginal muscles and painful clitoris?


While it is perfectly normal for young women to enjoy the new explorations of their own bodies, masturbating to excess may cause some painful complications down the road. Many women are aware of the fact that you can severely damage your vaginal area with toys and vibrators. What they are not aware of, is that you can also cause abrasions to the vaginal tissue without the extras. It is very possible to disturb the delicate tissues with manual masturbation as well.

Masturbation Manipulation

When a young woman engages in too much sexual activity before her body has fully developed, the body will begin to overproduce androgen hormones. These types of hormones will eventually exhaust our sexual organs and release higher levels of dopamine than needed. Dopamine is basically the hormone that alerts the body that the stress hormone epinephrine is on its way in.

Stress Test

At this point all of your stress levels are at an incredible high, and all off those stressful hormones will manifest themselves in a painful way. You may experience a sort of aching in the vaginal area, or more specifically, a concentrated sharp pain in the clitoris. The pain may come and go, or it may be more of a constant ache that doesn't go away. Either way, these types of pains are not normal and will require some immediate attention.

The best way to prevent these types of conundrums is to keep the masturbation down to a maximum of three times a week. If you are already experiencing these types of pains, I would highly recommend not clicking the button for a few weeks. This will give your body the time it really needs to heal itself without interruption.

Herbal Interruption

I would also suggest utilizing a natural herbal remedy that includes ingredients such as Turkey Rhubarb, Muira Puama, Catuaba, Guarana, Ligustrum, and Psoralea. (TRY: Vaginal Pain Relief and Restoration Formula) These herbs will help to stimulate the vaginal tissues so that they may regenerate. The herbs are able to do this because they include adaptogenic properties that enable the body to replenish and level out the neurotransmitters that are needed for tissue rejuvenation. They will also calm any vaginal-intercourse pain, improve blood circulation, and help to flush out any harmful toxins in the body.

If these pains do not disappear within six months, you should make an appointment with your OBGYN as soon as possible, so that they may access the situation.

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