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Ecstasy Ruined Our Intimacy: Why You Have to Watch What You Put Into Your Body

She’s 27-years-old, but has already lost her desire for sex. She used to be ready to go all the time, now she’s uninterested. Does using Ecstasy and taking birth control affect your sex drive?

Case #: 1793


I am 27 years old and have "lost" my sex drive. I used to be VERY into sex with my boyfriend of 4 1/2 years, but for the past year and a half I have shown no interest. Could my use of Ecstasy and birth control pills be the cause?


I’d say you’ve hit the nail on the head with that analysis! Both of these can negatively affect sex drive. I would be surprised if you told me you were using Ecstasy regularly and weren’t having sexual problems, while birth control is rather a hit or miss as far as loss of sex drive is concerned. But fear not! We can solve these issues.

No Ecstasy with Ecstasy

Why is Ecstasy a no-go for a healthy sexual relationship? Wasn’t it developed as a marital aid? Yes, Ecstasy was originally intended to help promote a loving and sharing relationship between partners. However, it wasn’t intended for chronic use. The mechanisms at work inside Ecstasy deplete your body of neurochemicals specific to your enjoyment of sex, and life in general.

When you use Ecstasy, the uptake receptors in your brain for serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine are blocked, creating a flood of these chemicals. When your brain notices that it’s receiving none of it’s output, it increases the amount of chemicals, until your stores are essentially cashed. This excess of neurotransmitters is what causes the feeling of excitement, intimacy, and pleasure.

However, after blowing your levels of dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin, your brain doesn’t approve of having all these chemicals just piling up, so it creates more receptors to try to balance out the excess. A few days later, your neurotransmitters have returned to normal levels, but as you go about your normal day, with your brain releasing normal levels of hormones, the increased number of receptors causes your body to feel as though it’s lacking something; cue depression and anxiety.

Your body needs all of these hormones to create a proper sexual experience. Right now, your body is out of fuel, and can’t make the magic happen. You need to abstain from Ecstasy for a time to allow your brain to sort out its receptors, and to reboot your neurochemical levels.

Birth Control Blues

The other issue is your birth control usage. Birth control can sometimes cause a decrease in estrogen, which is the most important hormone for sexual enjoyment, as it’s linked to oxytocin, which makes orgasms. Extended birth control usage can result in a build-up of the hormone prolactin, which deadens sexual sensation and removes sexual desire. To restore your loving feelings, you must detoxify your body of excess prolactin, and give your brain a rest from synthetic pleasure.

Herbal Relief

I recommend trying an herbal formula, as your liver is probably already maxed out. (SEE: Natural Herbal Formula for Intensifying Orgasms) Rehmannia and Bupleurum normalize hormone function in the body, while Rhodiola and Milk Thistle detoxify your liver and tissues. Be sure to drink plenty of water to assist your body in this process, and I’m sure you’ll be ready to rumble again in no time!

What to do

Botanical Formula to Detoxify & Intensify Orgasms

Environmental toxins and metabolite byproducts from birth control medications contribute to chronic problems related to sensuality, including the loss of sex drive and the inability to achieve a fulfilling orgasm. Bupleurum, Milk Thistle, Rehmannia...

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