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Birth Control Causes Heavy Flow

This young lady started taking birth control during her period. She noticed that her period lasted for an extended time, and that the discharge included blood and other unusual matter. What's happening? Read on, get the facts, and find out what you can do if her symptoms sound familiar.

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I need some help! I went on birth control a few months ago and it happened to be when I was on my period. I had to wear a pad during this period because I was discharging blood and some brown discharge. I don't think this is normal to have a period for so long. I think I made a huge mistake by taking birth control when I was on my period. I want to make this stop!


“The Pill” supported a massive shift in the socio-economic standing of women around the world when it first became available, and (along with other contraceptive methods) it continues to do so today. However, it is not a perfect solution. Aside from doing nothing to prevent venereal disease, the pill's base functions may work with less-than-perfect efficiency and lead to other medical problems.

Flooding Hormones

Hormone-based contraceptive pills work by manipulating your body's own feedback mechanisms. By dumping massive quantities of progesterone and estrogen into your bloodstream, your brain is fooled into thinking that you are already pregnant. This, in turn, prevents your ovaries from releasing egg cells. Problems arise when your overworked liver becomes unable to filter out the extra hormones and can't help manufacture critical compounds called neurotransmitters like acetylcholine and dopamine. These imbalances can lead to significant problems with your body and with your mental/emotional state in the form of mood swings; they can even lead to sexual dysfunctions such as pain during intercourse and difficulty in achieving orgasm, which would probably make the situation even less bearable.

In your specific case, excessive levels of progestin may have caused small, localized bleeding in your uterine lining, called “spotting”. The environment inside your vagina will not allow the formation of scabs, but the blood can mix with the mucus inside your cervix to produce clots, usually dark brown, which can increase the mass of your discharges. However, if the spotting takes place well before your period, yeast in your vagina may start to consume the clots, which will turn the discharge black and produce an unpleasant smell.

Darwinism Works On The Micro-Scale

Your body can perform many amazing feats on its own, but quite a few very important functions are actually handled by so-called “friendly” bacteria. Among other things, they serve as your own personal army to defend your vagina and uterus against harmful bacteria, especially yeast. Problems arise when antibiotics and/or excessive hormone levels create conditions favorable for the growth of yeast, which will in turn cause infections.

Cleaning Up The Mess

So what can you do? Aside from talking things over with your health-care provider to determine if this hormonal birth control is the best solution for you at this time, you should consider taking an all-natural herbal supplement designed specifically to address the hormonal imbalances and boost your liver's filtration functions. (SEE: Vaginal Infection & Detox Restoration Formula) In addition, it provides additional nutrients required by your immune system and the “friendly” bacteria, allowing them to more effectively combat the pathogenic bacteria that cause your infections.

It's kind of like convincing an annoying relative with a memory disorder that you've already visited them that month, though they insist on sending you off with a basket full of homemade goods.

It's sort of like keeping an annoying door-to-door salesperson from dropping off a free sample of their product by convincing them that you've already got one.

It's hard to overstate the importance of reliable birth control to women's rights in the modern age.

“The Pill” is a culmination of many centuries' worth of research, making safe and effective contraception no longer a matter of buying a homebrewed potion from an old wise woman or trying to find the right part of the specific herb in your vicinity to do the job.

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