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The Negative Aspects of Vaginal Reconstructive Surgery – When Medicine Causes More Harm than Good

His wife underwent vaginal reconstructive surgery to tighten her loose vagina and to improve its appearance. But now she feels pain during sex, and her husband is worried. The solution is to practice breathing and meditation to rejuvenate her body.

Case #: 792


I love my wife, and as a supportive husband, I agreed with her decision to get vaginal reconstructive surgery. According to my wife, her genitals resembled a half-eaten Jell-O cup – used and destroyed. And because my wife broods over her appearance, she wanted to undergo the surgery to look and feel young again.

The doctors said that most of the labia majoria would be removed and that the labia would adjust to its new size and shape. He was right, but she experienced some ineffectual pain caused by a protruding labia. Now when we have sex, she feels as if my penis were a nail filer grinding against her vaginal walls. Could the surgery have damaged her nerve endings or altered her sensitivity?


Women opt to have vaginal reconstructive surgery for a number of reasons. Some require a supportive bladder sling so they don’t leak during coughing or sneezing. Others want their labia puffed to the perky state of a young woman’s (these lips deflate with time), and still others – like your wife – want their labia cut from long and saggy to taut and beautiful. A handful of women even try to recreate the effect of a hymen or amplify their G-spots.

Except for those that are medically necessary, these surgeries are aimed at two goals: to turn back the hands of time; and to create a designer vagina with all the bells and whistles of a hand-picked car. But cutting and slicing the body is more profound than one might think, even when trying to innocently return a vagina to its once plush and pink state.

Breadth of Risks

As with any procedure, vaginal reconstructive surgery offers its fair share of risks. Your wife underwent surgery to tighten her vagina but now has a body so altered that her ability to have sex is diminished. The result is pain during intercourse, a common side effect of vaginal reconstructive surgery. Some women also experience infection, scarring and hemorrhaging. In all, this procedure is a dangerous and often unnecessary way for a woman to try to feel sexy.

Many times, the doctors who offer vaginal reconstructive surgery downplay the risks involved. They tell women that vaginal looseness can be the result of many factors and encourage even those who have never given birth to consider this option. Doctors who speak in this manner only fuel negative self-images without consideration for the patient’s well-being.

Inhibited Sexual Responses

Procedures to tighten vaginal walls and trim labia promise to improve the pleasures of intercourse. However, such surgeries often render more harm than good because they create scar tissue in and around the vagina. Cutting and trimming the skin damages nerves so that sensation is lost during intercourse. The clitoris, which is one of the most sensitive spots on a woman’s body, can lose sensation and inhibit orgasm. Surgery can also cause vaginal tissues to tear during sex, or the spot of surgery might be too tender to allow penetration.

Underlying Problem

A woman who is willing to go through vaginal reconstructive surgery and risk her well-being likely suffers from a loss of self-confidence. The female body changes with time, and vaginal walls naturally loosen while labia sag. Those changes typically make a woman feel unattractive. As a husband, your first duty at this time is to reassure your wife she’s beautiful just as she is. Also offer your support and encouragement as the two of you find ways for her to again enjoy intercourse.

Next, get her to try some all-natural supplements that can minimize the pain. (TRY: Herbal Remedy for Painful Intercourse) These supplements provide nutrients to get a female to feel less pain and sensitivity during intercourse. With positive support and herbal supplements, your wife will be back to her old self.

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