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Pain Happened Few Days After Over Playing Vibrator To My Clit

Woman uses a vibrator regularly, however, afterwards she finds herself with a painful vulval area. How can she orgasm without irritating her most sensitive areas?

Case #: 664


My sex life is pretty slow with my partner so I use a vibrator only externally on my clit typically 1 time daily. I can orgasm within 2-3 minutes by applying the vibrator to my clit. However, a few days later pain!! I even tried putting a thin washcloth between the vibrator and myself to make the vibrations gentler. Still, I am sitting here now with what looks like a slightly red vulva area. I did play with water jets a while back and suffered for over a month until everything felt normal again. Reading your case studies, it seems I keep doing damage to nerve endings and such. Any suggestions to help me be able to orgasm like a woman should and have the same feelings as before?


I think you should stop using any sort of stimulation that involves repeated vibration or rough pressure in your vulval area for a while. I think that rather than actually doing damage to the nerves, you are just irritating the area with continual stimulation.

You’re essentially chafing the area daily, and as your genital region is composed of such thin, delicate, and sensitive flesh, it remains annoyed for some time afterwards. We can find alternatives to such inflammatory practices!

Keeping it Fresh

While I recommend taking a break from rough stimulation, that doesn’t mean I think you should stop getting off altogether! There are many ways to pleasure yourself that aren’t dependent on vibration. Why don’t you try mixing it up a bit?

Experiment with tactile objects to see which works best for you e.g. lightly stroking with old soft toothbrush bristles, dragging a ribbon across the area, tickling with a silicone basting brush. Get weird! Or try new solo positions: grind on a pillow, or clench your thighs around a 2-liter soda bottle.

Rather than relying on one quick-n-easy way to get off, it will be better for you to not subject your genitals to the same forceful pleasuring every single day. By alternating styles, you might find that your vulval area becomes less sensitive when you do choose to use vibration as your choice of stimulation.

I Gotta Hand it to You

Not only do I recommend trying different objects and positions for your lovemaking, but I think getting down and dirty with your own digits could really help you in determining what’s enough and what’s too much in your situation.

By using only your own hands and fingers, you can pinch, press, and rub your way towards enlightenment. Because it’s your own skin on skin, you can tell how hard is too hard, and what makes you sore the next day. It takes away the barrier of a third object, and gives you an in-depth knowledge of what you like especially, a knowledge that might carry you further in bed with a partner than knowing how to turn on and position a vibrator might get you.

Be sure to use plenty of lubrication whilst performing your experimentation, unless you like the friction. However, the more lube, the less chance of skin irritation, as everything just slides along and doesn’t rip, grip, or chap.

Restore for More

I also recommend completing a natural detoxification course (SEE: VRD Formulation). Because you have been experiencing pain after stimulation, it suggests to me that you might have a buildup of inflammatory hormones in your system, namely prostaglandin E2, which need to go before you can stop having such painful pleasure.

I think that the knowledge you gain through self-exploration will help you find better and gentler ways to self-love, and I hope that you soon stop feeling pain when you play!

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