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Pleasure Please, Hold The Pain Back!

Are you interested in back door intercourse? Well look no further, your guide to anal is here!

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Both my husband and I want to have anal sex. I want to try the thrill and he just wants to get his fantasy accomplished. We have tried to have anal sex a few times but he doesn't go too deep because it starts to hurt too much. He isn't the biggest guy in the world, don't get me wrong, he's not the smallest either but he has a penis that penetrates me just how I like it. I always give him compliments. I don't think it's the size of his penis that's the problem. Do you have the 411 on how to have anal sex without the pain?


The art of anal sex can be tricky. You want it to pleasurable for all parties involved, and that is definitely attainable, you just need to take some extra steps to get there.

Penetrate Not Puncture

Before any type of sex has taken place, I like to enjoy a warm bath with my partner. The hot water is soothing to the muscles, especially the anus, and helps to relax my mind. It will also ensure cleanliness, which is key. You may also have the same result by sharing a hot shower together, or letting you husband give you a sensual massage to calm any nerves you might have.

Lube For All

Before you are both primed and ready for a good time, you should first take note of the lube situation. As a general rule, you should always stick to water based lubricants. (SEE: Guide to Choosing the Right Anal Lubricant) Oil based lubes are actually the worst type of lubricants, especially for women. Not only will an oil-based lubricant require constant re-application, some oils out there may irritate the anal tissue, and create a harmful habitat for vaginal tissue. When combined with latex condoms, an oil-based lubricant can even disengage the latex material.

Bringing me to my next tip: condoms. I would definitely recommend utilizing condoms when practicing anal sex. Just like during regular sex, condoms will help to protect you and your partner from spreading any harmful bacteria between the genitals.

Pleasure Position

It seems that doggy-style has become the anal sex standard. However, many couples have found that anal sex can be accessed much more easily through man-on-top missionary position. Through my own personal experience, I've learned that engaging in anal sex while in the doggy-style position triggers a sickening twinge on either side of my lower abdomen. To get the positing just right, I would suggest laying on your back with a pillow or two propped under the small of your back. This will give your partner easier access to your anus then just laying flat on your back.

Above all, the woman must be in charge as far as pace and intensity is concerned. If you feel uncomfortable at all throughout the session, stop. Take time to regroup and try different positions that meet your needs in bed. Anal sex can be just as pleasurable as regular vaginal sex, you just need to take the proper precautions and a few extra steps beforehand to achieve that goal.

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