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Premature Menopause – The Symptoms of Women Too Young for Menopause

She has premature menopause, a condition in which the ovaries do not properly function before the natural onset of menopause. Her symptoms include difficulty with orgasm, hot flashes and night sweats. A combination of yoga and aromatherapy will help reduce stress and improve sexual desire.

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I am 37 and going through premature menopause. I have no periods after one year of coming off the pill. My ovaries are not working, and my menopause symptoms include hot flashes and night sweats. I have trouble with orgasm and can only manage it during masturbation, such as with a vibrator, not during sex.


Whether it’s called premature ovarian failure or premature menopause, the implications are the same: a woman’s body undergoes dramatic changes before she is ready for menopause. The ovaries play the biggest role in this condition, as they either slow or stop the production of mature eggs. This is because the follicles, which produce estrogen, are depleted or not working at optimal pace.

The news of premature menopause can devastate a young women still trying to conceive, but it can also take a physical toll with its symptoms. You are familiar with some of these, which include night sweats and hot flashes. Many women also experience irregular periods, loss of libido, irritability, and thinning or drying vaginal tissues.

The Difference between Premature Menopause and Menopause

Few women develop premature ovarian failure, but all those who reach 50 or older will certainly go through menopause. Pre-menopause happens between ages 40 and 45 and is the time when estrogen levels begin to drop. This is different from premature menopause in that it follows a natural progression of hormone changes. Menopause is caused by time; premature menopause may be caused by many factors, including genetics, environmental toxins, smoking and alcohol, and previous medical treatments.

Premature menopause further differs in that it occurs before the body has adjusted to drops in hormones. Pre-menopause and menopause help the body prepare for its next stage. But premature menopause, which occurs in the 20s and 30s, disrupts natural body processes at a time when ovulation should still regularly take place. This leaves a woman at risk for conditions like osteoporosis, heart disease and decreased thyroid function.

Estrogen and the Female Body

The complications and symptoms associated with premature menopause are the result of waning estrogen in the body. Estrogen is a hormone responsible for sexual functioning. With its decline comes a loss of interest in sex, which is why you now have trouble reaching climax. Monthly ovulation provides a surge of hormones to the body that helps drive your desire for sex. But you’re not ovulating, which means your libido is naturally reduced.

The enjoyment you should derive from sex has also been compromised. Estrogen helps stimulate your clitoris and G-spot so you feel pleasure during intercourse. Without it, you won’t be able to orgasm. These factors, coupled with the stress and bewilderment you feel about your condition, explain why you’re not satisfied in the bedroom.

In addition, fluctuating hormones are responsible for your hot flashes and night sweats. Both of these result from erratic neurotransmitter activity, which is caused by hormone imbalances. Your symptoms are further exacerbated by stress, meaning you must find a way to naturally rejuvenate your body and also relax. Many women with premature menopause explore the option of hormone replacement therapy, but a combination of yoga and aromatherapy is a healthier and more natural alternative.

End Hot Flashes and Restore Libido

As already discussed, stress can intensify your premature menopause symptoms. One way to reduce stress and recharge your body is by practicing yoga. Poses that promote deep breathing will refresh your senses. Add a peaceful environment and calming music, and your body will enter a truly restorative state.

Aromatherapy has a number of uses, including that to improve libido. Candles, body sprays, sensual oils, and many other scented products naturally stimulate arousal and improve blood flow to genitalia. Opt for scents like Lavender, Lemon Balm and Sweet Orange, which will restore your sensuality so sex is once again satisfying.

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