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Tilted And Tipped Uterus Troubles

Learn how a woman's partner's considerable length is causing her pain.

Case #: 819


My partner's penis is at least 10 inches. During intercourse, with deep penetration I have stomach pains on my right. Are there any positions or solutions to this problem? I want him to feel comfortable that he's not hurting me and I don't want to feel pain so our experiences as a whole can be much better.


Every man-loving woman dreams about 'the Big One,' especially if our past lovers never quite measured up. But is there really such a thing as being too big? I for one never believed in a man being too large until I found a man whose member literally scared me. I would start with the obvious. It's possible that your body is simply not producing an efficient amount of lubrication.

Painful Pleasure

If this is the case, you may want to have a talk with your doctor just to rule out any serious medical problems. Most likely, if low lube is your problem, it can easily be fixed with just a bit more foreplay before the real games begin. Just remember to take it slow and enjoy yourselves.

Sexual Relaxation

That being said, I believe the reason you experience this considerable pain during intercourse with your man, is because of a tilted uterus condition. Normally, the uterus is suspended in a woman in a straight up and down formation. It can also sit slightly forward pointed towards the stomach. A tipped uterus however, tilts backwards and away from the stomach. This condition affects about 20% of women.

A tilted uterus mixed with fear that your sexual exploits will cause you pain instead of pleasure could be why you're experiencing such discomfort. When we anticipate discomfort it causes your muscles — in this case your vaginal ones — to tense up. This makes penetration that much more difficult. In addition to longer foreplay sessions, it might also help if you both took a warm bath or hot shower together to ease your vaginal muscles and relax your state of mind.

Do I Have A Tipped Uterus

Unfortunately, many women who have a tilted or tipped uterus learn about it the hard way. There are no clear symptoms that present themselves to know for sure. However, if you have trouble using tampons, sex is painful most of the time, and have a history of urinary tract infections it's possible that you have a tilted uterus.

Luckily, the pain caused by a tilted uterus can be greatly alleviated by increasing the hormone Prostaglandin E-1 synthesis and putting a stop to the inflammatory hormone Prostaglandin E-2. Herbs such as Evening Primrose, Dong Quai, and Black Cohosh can restore these hormones to a balanced level and take away that pesky pain completely.

Switch It Up

When getting down to the actual deed, you'll have get creative to accommodate your partner's large penis size. You should gravitate towards positions that will keep his thrusting shallow. If he thrusts too deep he could cause collision dyspareunia. Your best bet would be woman-on-top, which lets you choose the pace and the penetration depth. If you do try missionary, you should remember that the more tipped a uterus is the deeper the penetration will be.

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