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Pain During Deep Sex - She Uses Birth Control Pills To Control Heavy Menstrual Flow & Cramps

Mother with endometriosis and tubal ligation experiences pain during sex. Painful sex has started relatively recently, although she has been on birth control for some time. Where is the pain coming from and why?

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I am a 29-year-old female who experiences pain during deep sex. About five years ago after having my tubes tied, I was advised that I have endometriosis. My son was five months old at the time of the surgery. I'm currently on birth control to control my periods and heavy cramping and flow. This has worked for me. However, at the time that my husband and I first met, I was not on birth control and did not experience painful sex. The thing that puzzles me is that after the birth of my son and the surgery and getting back on the pill, painful sex was not an issue. Only since the last two years of starting on the pill again has pain become an issue. I feel very confused about all this. Can you give me any advice on this matter?


I would guess that your pain during intercourse is the result of two issues conflicting: your endometriosis and your use of birth control. You say that you went on birth control to counteract the effects of the tubal ligation; I think that was a sound move. However, I think that perhaps your additional hormone intake has altered your normal hormone levels, resulting in a decrease of estrogen.

The Tipping Point

You may be aware that some users of birth control experience raised levels of prolactin, and decreased levels of oxytocin. While prolactin levels are high, estrogen levels are low. Estrogen is your key to a pleasurable sexual experience, as it promotes vaginal lubrication, healthy interior tissues, and strong muscles in your pelvic floor. As estrogen levels diminish, you could begin to experience dryness and tenderness in your vagina. That, in conjunction with the presence of the endometrial nodules, can cause deep sex to be quite painful. It is very common for sufferers of endometriosis to have painful experiences with deep penetration.

That Time of the Month

However, there are many ways to ameliorate the issue. As hormone levels fluctuate throughout the month, with or without birth control, I suggest experimenting throughout the month to see if there are times at which you can enjoy deep intercourse. Remember to consistently use lubrication if dryness is an issue; otherwise, encourage your husband to fully arouse you before you begin penetration. You can also increase oxytocin levels through stimulation of the breasts and nipples; oxytocin increases the sensation of pleasure and in studies has shown to decrease the perception of pain. Endometriosis experts advise engaging in sexual positions that allow only shallow vaginal entry to prevent the painful stimulation of nodules to the rear of the vagina.

Herbal Aid

To better your sexual experience, I suggest attempting to balance your hormones effectively with the right herbal formula. You can also slowly increase your estrogen by eating foods that contain phytoestrogens, such as soy products, beans, legumes, and flax seed. Phytoestrogens mimic the presence of estrogen that naturally occurs in the body.

You can also increase estrogen by maintaining a diet high in lean meat and low in sugars and carbohydrates. You can also attempt to rebalance your hormones by flushing the unnecessary hormones through the use of an herbal tonic.

By increasing your estrogen and oxytocin and decreasing prolactin your vagina will become much more inclined towards a positive sexual experience. I hope that you can find the right balance of hormones that result in enjoyable sex for you!

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