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Female Orgasm Difficulty - Caused by G-Spot Insensitivity

So often women simply assume it’s okay to not feel “turned on” whenever they want. Some don’t even know their G-spot and clitoris are desensitized, and may even suffer low self-esteem by silently blaming themselves for not having the same sexual experience as others.

A healthy clitoris and G-spot will become engorged with blood when stimulated, enhancing sexual pleasure and orgasm. Exploring the various methods of treating sensitivity issues can lead to finding a satisfactory solution to diminished pleasure.

It’s Very Rewarding!

It is very crucial for men to sustain hard erection long enough to reach over the threshold of time required for achieve orgasm for a female partner that has a less sensitive G-Spot. It’s very rewarding for men to achieve orgasm together with his partner. When a women reaching orgasm, especially with stimulating G-spot, she breaths and holds her love one differently (in a more exciting and enjoyable way).

Hormonal imbalance from birth control pills, low testosterone or DHEA, neurotransmitter disruption, or even a too aggressive vibrator can contribute to a desensitized clitoris, G-spot and overall loss of libido.

While most women and their partners have been able to locate the clitoris, the G-spot (named after Dr. Ernst Grafenberg) can be somewhat elusive. Located on the upper facing wall of the vagina, it can best be found by having a partner insert a middle finger and curl it towards them in a “come hither” motion until it senses a nickel-size circle of dimpled flesh.

Most women enjoy a little clitoral foreplay before moving on to the G-spot, but the combination can produce a strong, satisfying orgasm, and for some women, results in a powerful female ejaculation known as “squirting.”

A desensitized G-spot can make it take longer for a woman to achieve orgasm from a thrusting penis, so it’s crucial the man sustains a hard erection throughout without coming first. But the extra effort is rewarded when both come together simultaneously, triggering a ripple of extended mutual pleasure.

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