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Proper Methods to Relieving Your PCOS Period Problems

Learn about your PCOS options, and know that you do not have to live with many of its side effects.

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Hello everyone, I am nineteen years old and I have been recently diagnosed with PCOS. I started to notice that my periods were getting really irregular. I had not had a period in over five months and that’s when I decided to see a doctor. Lots of tests were done to find out what was wrong and they told me it was Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Does anyone have any clues on how you can make this slow down or not be so bad? I want to just be as normal as possible.


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, or PCOS as it is more commonly referred to as, is a woman's health problem that can affect our ability to have children, the heart, blood vessels, and our menstrual cycle. Women with this problem generally experience an increased level of androgens, or male hormones. Other common affects that come along with PCIS are irregular or missed periods and small cysts that develop within the ovaries.

Unfortunately, the cause of PCOS is unknown so far. However, many experts believe that there are several factors that could have a hand in the cause. Genetics are high on their list of factors. Women with PCOS are actually more likely to have a mother or sibling with PCOS.

Another main threat between women with this type of problem is hormonal imbalances. As I mentioned before, the ovaries will tend to produce more androgens than normal when a woman suffers from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Androgens are basically male hormones that females also produce. The only problem is, when the female body begins to release such high volumes of these hormones, it also affects both egg development and the release of eggs when ovulation occurs.

Menstrual Problems

Many women who suffer from PCOS also experience irregular periods. This occurs because the ovaries have very small sacs that are filled with fluid. These sacs are usually referred to as follicles or cysts. As the egg grows within the ovary the follicle acquires fluid. At the point of egg maturity, the follicle will break open, releasing the egg so that it may make its way through the fallopian tube and travel to the uterus so that it may be fertilized. This is what we call ovulation.

However, when a woman has PCOS, the ovary does not produce all of the hormones that are essential for an egg to mature. The follicles will still enlarge with fluid, but ovulation will not occur. What will happen is some follicles will remain cysts, and the hormone progesterone will not be produced. A woman without a well balance progesterone level is a woman with an irregular or absent menstrual cycle. In addition our ovaries create male hormones, which is also a strike against us because it prevents ovulation.

How To Fix It

For a woman with this sort of syndrome, I would definitely suggest a natural herb such as Maca. The Maca herb has the ability to balance out hormonal levels and increase energy levels in the best way. (SEE: PCOS Relief with Maca) Many women who ingest the herb through its liquid form experience a noticeable reduction of irregular periods and acne within six months of regular use.

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