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Too Much Action with the Vibrator Means Too Much Action in the Bladder

She suffered from a UTI one month ago and continues to have an overactive bladder. Doctors can’t tell her what’s wrong, and she’s left to manage painful and uncomfortable symptoms on her own. She fears the cause of these problems is her vibrator, which she’s used faithfully for five years.

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Hello, I have been using a vibrator for the last five years. I contracted a UTI this past month and still have a strong urgency to urinate. I have been to several different doctors, and none of them knows what is wrong with me. I now have frequent urinary problems, but I am not sure if any of this is related. Please help me.


Plenty of ladies accept their overactive bladders (OAB) as an unavoidable part of being female. The condition affects women more than men, and out of sheer embarrassment they tend to “deal” with the problem. This means taking time out of daily activities to frequently urinate. But OAB can be easily and effectively treated so you don’t have to stop and use the restroom every chance you get.

Overactive Bladder and Urinary Tract Infections

You might think of the bladder as a storage facility for urine, created by the kidneys. To expel urine, the body needs a healthy urinary tract and strong communication from the nervous system to the bladder muscle. OAB occurs when that muscle – known as the detrusor – involuntarily contracts. This causes the sudden and frequent urge to urinate.

The exact cause of OAB can be hard to pinpoint. Medical conditions like Parkinson’s disease, stroke and multiple sclerosis contribute. Another significant factor is urinary tract infection (UTI), in which harmful bacteria invade the bladder and weaken the detrusor. The urinary tract is normally void of any bacteria, but that doesn’t mean it’s infallible. E. coli, a bacteria commonly found in the bowl, is the strain that most often causes UTIs. This can travel to the bladder when anal sex comes before vaginal penetration and when a woman wipes from back to front, rather than vice versa, after urinating.

One Factor You May not Have Considered

But another, more unlikely culprit of UTIs also exists. It is the use of a vibrator, specifically one used for anal and vaginal stimulation. If this toy isn’t properly cleaned prior to insertion, it can accumulate and spread bacteria from one orifice to another. The only way to avoid this is by thoroughly cleansing the device before you take your pleasure.

Of course, a vibrator does not have to be inserted anally in order to spread bacteria. Again, if it’s used multiple times without washing, it can cause harmful infections in and around the vagina. Another point of concern is the vibrator itself – not because it is inherently dangerous, but because the materials with which it is made can be toxic. For instance, many sex toys contain Butoxyethanol. This agent – along with many others - can irritate membranes and cause infection.

More Information, Including How to Avoid UTIs

Overactive bladder is a leading symptom of UTIs, alongside abdominal pain, burning during urination and nausea or vomiting. This infection can also interfere with sex because of the pain associated with penetration. More than anything else, however, UTIs make life miserable.

Like overactive bladder, women are 10 times more likely than men to suffer a UTI. A number of factors contribute to these painful infections, including frequent intercourse, multiple sex partners and oral contraceptives. The use of harsh body sprays and soaps as well as repeated antibiotic prescriptions can also contribute.

Some steps to take for improved bladder control include emptying this organ before and after intercourse and ingesting cranberry juice – cranberries naturally fight the growth of bacteria. Also take care of your bowels, which can apply pressure to the bladder, by eating foods rich in fiber.

The OAB and UTI Solution

The best part of all this information comes here: you can naturally relieve a painful and overactive bladder with an herbal formula. (SEE: Herbal Formula for Bladder Pain and UTI Relief) Among a list of well-known herbs, this blend includes Quercetin and Sea Mussel. Both are known to reduce inflammation and support the growth of healthy tissues. For you this means restored health to the bladder so it is stronger and more healthful than ever.

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