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Treating Vaginal Looseness: The Influence of Hormones

Childbirth and age-related hormonal fluctuations have reduced a 58-year-old woman's vaginal muscle tone, damaging her sexual experience and making her self-conscious about its external appearance. How can she restore her sexual vitality and confidence?

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At 58-years young, I’ve had the privilege of watching my grandkids grow up. I’ve watched my husband venture into his golden years of retirement, and I’ve seen my community change. It's unfortunate that I’ve also had to see my body change. I’ve witness myself gain weight. I’ve seen my hair change color.

I’ve even seen my sex life diminish. Now, at the young age of 67, my husband can still provide me the same excitement as when we were 24. However, it seems one major flaw continues to hamper our sex life—my vaginal looseness. Sure, three kids can stretch your vaginal muscles, but can anything be done to restore my kitty to its youthful appearance?


Childbirth isn't the only factor involved in vaginal looseness. Since each vagina, just like the person it belongs to, is unique, not everyone ages the same. Some women experience loosening as soon as their early 30s, even if they've never given birth.

Sometimes, women who do give birth, even if it happens well into their 30s or 40s, make a full recovery when they heal. Unfortunately, many of us aren't so lucky. Although the vaginal walls, muscles, and external skin are highly elastic and resilient, the combination of genetic predisposition and the extreme trauma of childbirth can weaken the pubic floor over time and give the external skin a stretched appearance.

Hormone Imbalance and Vaginal Tone:

Age is another common cause of vaginal looseness. In addition to the results of simple wear and tear, hormones play an active role in maintaining vaginal elasticity. As women age, and particularly as they approach menopause, many experience depletion in several hormones and nutrients vital for preserving the vagina's youthful appearance and functionality. Levels of DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), a precursor for sex hormones in both males and females, begin to decrease after age 30 and often leads to testosterone deficiency later in life.

Several menopausal symptoms, including low libido, hot flashes, and reduced skin tone in the vaginal region, are linked to insufficient testosterone levels. Irregular levels of Omega-3 and Omega-6 also contribute to vaginal looseness.

When the delicate balance of neurotransmitters and biochemical nutrients that the body produces is disrupted, whether by advancing age, menopause, or prescription medications, the normal process of vaginal rejuvenation and repair after childbirth or sex may also suffer. Normally, a series of hormones and chemicals, including prolactin, epinepherine, prostaglandin E-1, E-2, and E3 work together to regulate sexual responses and repair nerves and tissue after use.

If these hormones are not synthesized properly due to hormonal imbalance, there may not be enough of the anti-inflammatory prostaglandin E-1 available for normal tissue maintenance. This can lead to symptoms of aging in the sex organs. The influence of hormones on vaginal tone is so great that even our monthly PMS cycles can cause changes in tightness and appearance from week to week.

Natural, Non-Invasive Rejuvenation:

Plagued by pervasive societal pressures to look young, more and more women are resorting to cosmetic surgery to restore the youthful appearances of their vaginas. Fortunately, there is a plethora of less invasive strategies for vaginal rejuvenation available.

In addition to herbal formulas and tinctures that help the body regulate its hormone levels, Kegel exercises and alternative sex positions may increase feelings of tightness and counteract the effects of hormonal change and past childbirth trauma.

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