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The Great Diminishing of Sexual Wantings

If you've ever felt down in the dumps because you just can't get it up for your man, don't! It happens to us all, now here's how to fix it.

Case #: 1647


In the past four months I have only had sex four times and this isn't normal for and my boyfriend and I. We have been together for almost six years, and we were each other’s first. A few months ago I was sick and I just feel dead when I'm sick, my limbs are extremely uncomfortable. Anyways, I felt like my vagina was really sore and I really couldn't feel anything. This soon went away but left a worse problem. Now when we try to have sex I can't because it feels weird, bad. I just don't want to have sex anymore if it's going to be like this. The reason we've done it four times these past four months is because he really wanted to, but I just haven't been in the mood since this problem.


At one point in my life, I had the utter misfortune of contracting pneumonia. I was probably the sickest I will ever be, and it took a long time to begin feeling and functioning like myself again. I too experienced some vaginal pain during and after being sick. I was weak for two months and the absolute last thing on my mind was sex. I realized that being so sick for such an extended period of time had taken a serious toll on my body. My libido was all but forgotten during that time. However, my boyfriend's was still alive and kicking.

Running Low

I needed to get back into fighting shape again, for the sake of my health and my love life. So I researched my problem. I found that the antibiotics I had been prescribed during my illness had had a major hand in dropping my sex drive down so low. I also discovered that low libido is actually more common than you may think. Some women experience it because of taking certain medications like I had, and others were dealing with factors such as aging, fatigue, stress, and depression.

Quick Tips

I learned that there are a lot of ways to contract this sort of problem, but there are also many ways to shake it as well. I personally started with my diet. I figured out what foods would give me energy, and which ones would suck the pep right out of my step. Simply replacing red meats and fatty foods with green veggies will do wonders for the metabolism.

I would also recommend drinking a minimum of six glasses of water each day. Staying hydrated is extremely important to fulfilling your energy level potential. The H2O will also help your liver out by cleansing the body of any harmful toxins.

Fast Fixes

If you're really interested in putting your libido back on the fast track to love, you should seriously consider one of my most favorite supplements, Arginine. (SEE: Natural Herbal Sexual Sensitivity Enhancement) Arginine is a natural supplement that is usually used to treat heart health. But what many do not know is that the supplement will also work as a hormonal controller of sorts.

When a woman ingests Arginine, our body will utilize the amino acid and convert it into nitric oxide, a neurotransmitter that soothes blood vessels into a relaxed state and increases better blood circulation. Because the Arginine actually balances out our hormones, it also holds the power to improve a woman’s sexual drive.

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