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Preventing A Backdoor Breakdown

If you're thinking about whether anal sex is for you or not, you should first weigh out the pros and cons.

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I’m 19 years old and my girlfriend is 20 years old. We have been together for five years now and we have had plenty of sex. We have discussed anal sex a lot and recently it has gotten really serious. We really want to try it for the first time but we feel we are not prepared. Can anybody help?


Back in the day, taking your relationship to the next level usually had something to do with a ring and a fancy cake. These days it's a little different. Thankfully, we are much more sexually liberal in these times.

Old School Meets New School

I think a lot of couples will agree that anal sex is a big step. I wouldn't say it has holds a ton of weight relationship wise, but for your sex life it's most definitely a milestone. Having anal sex with your partner can either make you or break you…literally.

As a woman, it is important to be able to trust your partner during sexual sessions, and nothing takes more trust than anal sex. As a man, you must remember to ease into things. The vagina is a self lubricating entity, the anus is not. Lube and relaxation are musts when it comes to this type of intercourse.

Quick Tips

Before you and your girl get down and dirty, try sharing a warm bath or shower. The hot water will help to loosen the muscles and relax the mind. It will also give you some piece of mind as far as cleanliness goes. You can also try giving your girlfriend a sexy massage beforehand to calm any jittery nerves.

Once she is relaxed, you will need to “prep the area.” Once again, the anus will not self lubricate, so it is very important to keep the appropriate areas lubed up at all times throughout. When choosing a man mad lubricant for your first foray into anal sex, you should only use water based products. (SEE: Guide for Choosing the Right Anal Lubricant) Steer clear of oil-based lubes, or lubricants that include a fragrance or flavor. No need to get extra fancy your first time.

Show Stoppers

As a woman who's dipped in the pool of anal sex, I can tell you there's really not much to worry about. As far as the feeling, I think it can be best described as the sensation of sex. . .Just happening in a different part of your body. As long as the woman is left in charge of the pace and intensity, there shouldn't be any discomfort. Above all, anal should never be a one sided deal. If both parties aren't committed, and don't share trust with each other, you could be in for a very rough ride. Some mild discomfort is common. If this occurs, stop and take breather. You may also try repositioning for better comfort.

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