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Drugs, Alcohol, and Birth Control! Oh, My!

After abusing recreational drugs and taking birth control for several years, a woman finds that her reproductive capabilities and sex life are no longer the same.

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I have a serious problem with achieving orgasm, vaginal dryness all day, vaginal lubrication that is white, thick and sticky and doesn't last during sex. I also have low libido. I was on some type of birth control off and on for at least 5 years. I have had my hormones checked by my gynecologist, and she says that they are not unbalanced, and some where during all of this I have also stopped ovulating!! My husband and I were heavily into pot, ecstasy, cocaine, and alcohol for 4 years, and from looking over your website, I am convinced that my drug use has contributed to my problems. I started having sex at the age of 14, and have been sexually active my entire adult life, but never have I had so much trouble with sex!! This is destroying my marriage. In my opinion, we love each other, but couples need sex. GOOD SEX!!! I want to have multiple orgasms, which I have never had in my life, and the lack of libido depresses me. There have been many postings on your website that I can completely identify with, please help me!! I want my sex life back, and I want to enjoy sex again. I hate having sex and being unsure of whether or not I will achieve orgasm.


After reading your concerns, I wouldn't recommend ruling out hormone issues just yet. A gynecologist may not be able to diagnose a disturbance in your hormone ratios if he or she didn't also test them before the drug abuse and birth control pill use. After all, "normal" is something that the medical community defines with a bell curve. Regardless of what is the most common, everyone's hormone levels are different, and for you, "normal" might be something other than where you're at now. Ovulation, vaginal lubrication, sex drive, and even the ability to orgasm are all heavily dependent on hormones, and things like birth control pills and recreational drugs are known to influence them heavily.

Drugs, Fertility, and Libido:

You are probably correct in connecting the problems you're having with your past drug and birth control use. Since the introduction of hormonal birth control, many users have developed sexual problems after taking it, which include low sex drive, vaginal insensitivity, vaginal dryness, orgasm difficulty, and intercourse pain. It is still not known how long these problems, which are believed to arise from the excessive synthetic hormones in the medication, can persist after discontinuing the doses. Some experts believe that birth control may cause permanent changes in fertility.

In addition, recreational drugs can have a number of unpleasant sexual and reproductive side effects. Marijuana's central psychoactive chemical, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, can interfere with sexual and reproductive functions. In addition to causing problems with initiating and maintaining physical arousal, it can also disrupt ovulation. In addition to the other health problems associated with their use, cocaine, ecstasy, and alcohol are also known to cause problems with sex drive, arousal, and orgasm by interfering with neurotransmitter levels and the availability of hormones and other biochemical resources.

How to Get your Sex Life Back:

If the issues you are experiencing with your sex life are related to birth control and recreational drugs, it will be essential to avoid them in the future if you wish to recover. Make sure you are using a non-hormonal birth control method, such as an IUD, diaphragm, or condom, and abstaining from harmful substances such as drugs and alcohol.

Keep in mind that everything you do, including your daily activity, stress level, sleep schedule, and food choices, affects your body's ability to regulate its hormone levels. Getting regular exercise, eating a balanced diet, and getting adequate sleep will help you make the most of your body's natural recovery capabilities. (ALSO SEE: Herbal Remedy for Exhaustion Restoration) You can also try herbal supplements designed to help women balance their hormones.

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