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I Am Sexually Exhausted Of My Water Jet

How can you really judge whether you are masturbating too much, or too little? When it comes to masturbation, what is normal?

Case #: 1797


I started using the water jet in the shower since I was 15 and a vibrator whenever I felt the urge. When I orgasm, I feel nothing. I feel no sensation in my clitoris. What’s wrong with me?


I am all for some good old fashion self-love, but sometimes too much button clicking can ruin your stamina reserve. When we masturbate to the point of exhaustion, the reaction our bodies give off is very similar to that of the flu virus.

Masturbation Meltdown

The signs of over-masturbation vary, but some of the key symptoms include; Weak erections, chronic fatigue, premature ejaculation, blurred vision, impotence, and sleeping disorders.

What Is Normal

All men masturbate, and I'm sure if you asked them how much they do. . .their response would be, “A lot.” The truth is, there is a pretty wide spectrum of what is normal when it comes to male masturbation. If you are in your teen years, you might actually be masturbating two to three times a day. Though women may find these numbers a bit outrages and excessive, they are in fact normal for a young man of sixteen who is able to get an erection when the wind blows in his direction.

Men in their early twenties to mid thirties may have a normal masturbatory rate of two, to three times a week. And this is where men are really subject to the danger zone. If you are a man in your early twenties to mid thirties, and you are masturbating multiple times per day throughout the week, you may experience some sexual exhaustion issues.

How can you really judge whether you are masturbating too much, or too little? When it comes to masturbation, what is normal?

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