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Large Hole, Small Stick: Improving Pleasure by Enhancing Size

She wants to increase her husband’s size to compensate for her large, loose vagina.

Case #: 30354


I found several techniques for tightening my vaginal muscles and tissue. All the techniques seem to be working as intended too. I feel like a young, 19-year old virgin when I engage in sex. Still, my loose vaginal muscles and tissue are not the issue; it’s my husband’s length. He measures around 5 inches erect.

According to other websites, he has about an average length. To me, his size is fine, but come on, I would be lying if I said I love how small it is. I, like any woman in my position, would love if he were an inch or two larger. I would love if he could make me orgasm while penetrating me.

I would love if he could allure me with his size alone. But, unfortunately, I am not in love with his size. So here I am, looking for some expert advice on my husband's size issues.


Enhancing size in a safe, effective means is a delicate and arduous process. Penile enhancement companies promote their products based on three factors: speed, safety and results. Yet most companies sacrifice safety in order to get results.

For example, penile pumps may provide instant results, but do so at the risk of harming the penile tissues, while penile weights assert their safety guidelines but results vary.

Penile enhancement takes time. Enhancement takes months to see quality results.

Think of penile enhancement like dieting: You cannot expect to see results instantly. The process is slow and delicate. Tissue cells need nutrients to grow, while penile chambers need to hold more blood to see size increases.

By practicing penile exercises and taking all-natural supplements, your husband can notice a bigger size within a few months.

  1. Size is a factor of mind over matter. If you mind, it matters!
  2. All men want a wider, longer stance. Find out how.
  3. Learn how Jelqing, a popular "size-enhancing" technique, can actually shrink your penis.

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