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On the Edge: How to Bring Your Sex Life Back After Menopause

She is beginning to go through menopause and has noticed the difference in her sex life. What was once an easy way to orgasm now leaves her feeling that something is lacking. They haven’t found an answer with toys or sex positions. What can give her that extra “oomph” she needs, besides medications or drugs?

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I am 44-years-old and I am going to go through menopause soon, I feel it. I have been having some hot flashes, but the biggest problem is that I can't orgasm anymore. We are having sex the same way, but for some reason I can't have an orgasm. I feel like I need an extra push from him, a little more sensation or pleasure. We have tried toys but they don't really help. Different sex positions; tried them but we try to stick to our favorites. Can something else help me feel more pleasure? I don't want to take any sort of medication or drugs. Please help me get back to where I was before.


Right on or noticing that you’ve begun going through menopause! Many women don’t know what’s happening, when things start to go wrong with their bodies, in and out of the bedroom. If you know what’s happening, do you also know what’s causing the issues?

Something’s Missing

Menopause is thus called because it’s the period in which women cease menstruating, in Latin meaning, roughly, “the end of the monthlies”. The whole reason menopause occurs is because the ovaries stop producing estrogen and progesterone, but for a while they produce it sporadically. When the body senses that there is a lack one or the other, the brain sends a message to the ovaries asking for more.

Working Overtime

These messages back and forth from the brain to the ovaries are what create hot flashes. Hot flashes are specifically over the hormone progesterone, which is why hot flashes and nighttime panic attacks are linked—the body needs progesterone to create cortisol, a stress hormone, so the brain wires the ovaries for progesterone. The end result is a hot, sweaty woman in a mental tailspin; all thanks to her own hormones. Awesome job, biology!

What Do I Need?

Your sexual bedroom problems, however, are most likely linked to waning levels of estrogen. Estrogen is the oil that keeps the feminine machinery running smoothly. It keeps the vagina and in good shape, with stronger, healthier tissues, and creates lubrication. It is also linked to the existence of oxytocin, a sexual hormone that increases sexual satisfaction, and prompts orgasm.

Without oxytocin, sex just isn’t the same, and it becomes much more difficult to reach orgasm. You can increase oxytocin by increasing estrogen, but you can also stimulate its production with nipple-centric foreplay. Nipple stimulation has been seen to greatly increase oxytocin levels in both males and females.

Bedroom Booster

As far as sexual satisfaction goes, you should consider the use of a vibrating cock ring. (TRY: Vibrating Cock Rings for Orgasm Enhancement) These rings encircle the penis, keeping it rigid throughout intercourse—which will enhance your sensation of penetration—and will also tease and tickle your clitoris. The combination of a stronger, thicker penile penetration, and the scintillations of the cock ring, will be sure to push you over the edge.

I think you’ll find your sex life much improved through the use of a toy like this. It benefits male and female both, and will definitely leave you feeling satisfied.

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What to do

Use a Vibrating Cock Ring To Help Her Reach Orgasm

Most people won’t admit to their family or friends about their kinky sexual activities.

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