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A Tighter Tryst

Woman in a happy, healthy relationship feels that activity in the bedroom could be much improved. She feels like her tightness has decreased after three children, and wonders what she can do to restore her youthful tone.

Case #: 1000


Oscar Wilde described my love life perfectly, “Your first marriage should be for money; your second, for love.” And while my first husband left me with a wealth of money, my second become my best friend and best lover. And while I love my husband, I feel sex could be much, much better than it is now. See, the problem isn’t the size of his wand or his technique; it’s a problem on my end. I guess age and three kids have caught up with me, and now I am no longer as tight as I once was.


A vagina loosened by age and children is a vagina easy to restore to a strong, tight state. The reason vaginas loosen with age is because of the decrease in hormones that keep it toned and ready for childbirth: estrogen and progesterone. Estrogen has more of a direct effect on the health of the vagina—once levels decrease, the vagina becomes a thin, dry, loosened-up place. While beginning a course of treatment designed to increase the levels of estrogen in your body is a good place to start, I think you should also consider beginning Kegel exercises as well. In my opinion, it’s best to combine both diet and exercise for quick and reliable results.

What to Eat for Estrogen

Your number one solution for naturally increasing estrogen is plants that contain phytoestrogens. I’m not sure how familiar you are with the term; I certainly wasn’t before I began researching into how a woman could increase her estrogen levels without risk of cancer and blood clotting. Phytoestrogens are chemicals known as isoflavones, and they’re found in a variety of different plants—mainly legumes.

Low Dose, Big Results

Phytoestrogens work on the body in an interesting way. Firstly, phytoestrogens act directly as estrogens, but at twenty percent of the power. That means that although the phytoestrogens aren’t working at the same capacity as true estrogens, for an estrogen deficient woman, that increase is enough to push her back into normal regions—without putting her at risk of hyperestrogenism or breast and uterine cancers. Secondly, phytoestrogens stimulate progesterone production in the body, and progesterone is used to create testosterone as well as other hormones. Thus, phytoestrogens stimulate the body to create an overall more healthy and natural level of sex hormones.

Back to Your Old Self

Once you begin your new phytoestrogenic course of treatment, you can expect to see immediate results in vaginal wall thickness and strength, as well as increased levels of vaginal lubrication. The testosterone will help you to regain muscle strength surrounding the vagina, and can also protect against prolapse of the uterus and bladder. However, to really up your vaginal grip, I’d recommend starting Kegels. Kegels are isometric exercises that work through the contraction and relaxation of the pubococcygeus muscles that surround the vagina. By regularly employing Kegel exercises, many women have seen amazing results. It might sound hokey, but it’s been proven to work across the board, and I’m sure they’ll benefit you as well.

Estrogen Restoration

To begin restoring your vagina to its old self, I’m recommending you begin a supplemental course that is high in phytoestrogenic plants, as well as in plants that increase circulation. (SEE: Herbal Formula for Looseness Regeneration) It’s important for your genitals to receive proper blood flow as you begin to strengthen your vaginal muscles, and it’s very important that your genital region receives healthy circulation as you begin to add estrogen back into your system. I’m sure that if you implement these strategies, you’ll be very pleased with the results in no time. Good luck!

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