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Painful Sex: How Lucky Can You Get?

Pain during intercourse is not unusual and it happens to many women at some point in their lives. Causes vary and have a wide range that includes: over-indulgence in sexual activity, excessive masturbation or a tipped uterus. Addressing the problem before it leads to more serious conditions is the most important aspect of this case study.

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I am a young woman who is having trouble enjoying sex. This is particularly true if my partner has a large penis and hits my cervix while we are in the throes of love-making. I lose interest and drift off, and the experience is neither pleasant nor invigorating. When my cervix is hit, I also feel some pain. Is there hope for me and how can I fix this?


To some dictionary purists, the term tipped uterus might conjure thoughts of either good or bad restaurant service or a womb that may have had too much to drink. This, however, is not the case. The condition refers instead to a uterus that is tilted backward away from its proper home, which means vertically bent towards the belly.

Approximately 20 percent of women have a uterus with no sense of direction that is bent away from the belly.

Most women with a tipped uterus do not experience any issues, and while sex and masturbation are perfectly healthy activities, an over-indulgence in either can create an hormonal imbalance. This in turn causes inflammation, rendering intercourse so painful an experience that for many women, it becomes the last thing they may want to do.

Pain can be intermittent and tolerable, but when it becomes consistent with every sexual encounter, it becomes impossible to ignore. If left untreated, this condition can result in a total avoidance of intimacy and severe health issues, such as endometriosis and pelvic inflammatory disease (PID).

One of the problems associated with a clear diagnosis concerning pain during intercourse is the fact that symptoms are very diverse. Without the framework of a medical diagnostic within which to work, the emotional toll on a woman’s life can be a powerful deterrent against sexual fulfillment and happiness.

What to Do:

While consistent pain during intercourse should require at least one visit to the gynecologist for confirmation, herbal formulas can be of significant help. They can ease pain during intercourse by restoring a hormonal balance, which narrows the vaginal canal and by relaxing clitoral tissue and the muscles of the vagina.

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