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A Sticky Mess

What does your vaginal discharge consistency say about what's going on inside your body?

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After having sex with my boyfriend, I started to notice white discharge left on his penis. Intercourse is sometimes painful but I believe that can be due to him being gifted down there. My discharge isn't smelly but it sure is sticky. My partner and I are both worried about this discharge. Would you happen to know more about it and any suggestions on how to get rid of it?


Vaginal discharge can actually be used as a barometer of sorts to judge what exactly is going on within. I always warn women who think that there might be something wrong down there to check out what their discharge is up to. Does the color appear a bit off? Is the consistency milky, or more like cottage cheese? Is there a noticeable odor? These are all important items to investigate when it comes down the vagina.

Strange Stickiness

The normal amount of vaginal discharge will show itself during times of sexual arousal and excitement, before a woman menstruates, if you are feeling anxious, or during illness. Typically, a discharge that is sticky is caused by a notable dip in a woman's estrogen levels.

Controlling The Issue

A well practiced hygiene regimen might be just the thing you're in need of to prevent vaginal discharge that is unhealthy for you. Simple things like, always rinsing soap from your complete genital area during the time you bath or shower and being sure that the area is completely dry will help to prevent irritation. You should also only wipe from front to back when using the toilet, in order to avoid spreading any fecal bacteria to your vaginal area. Wearing cotton underwear during the day and going commando at night will help prevent yeast from spreading. And above all, during sex, always use latex condoms to avoid infections from transferring to sexual partners.

How To Fix It

I would also recommend utilizing a natural remedy that includes ingredients such as Mexican Wild Yam, Dong Quia, Paeonia Lactiflora, and Safflower. These herbs will help to enhance the regular detoxification process that your liver practices every day. (SEE: Natural Herbal Formula for Abnormal Discharge Restoration and Relief) You can also help the detox process along by changing up your diet a bit. Many people do not realize how well eating healthy can improve their vaginal health.

Staying away from greasy or fatty foods, and minimizing your red meat intake can boost your energy levels in a big way, and prevents blockage during the detoxification process. Drinking a minimum of six glasses of water each day can also help your body flush out the harmful toxins that are affecting your vaginal discharge.

If, for any reason, you do not see an improvement in your vaginal discharge over the next few months, you should schedule an appointment with your OBGYN so that you may explore other discharge affecting possibilities.

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