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Loose Lips and Sinking Libido

A woman’s tubal ligation has led to estrogen dominance. What causes estrogen dominance? Why does it occur, and what can be done to help it?

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Since getting my tubal ligation done five years ago, I have no sexual feeling; sex is painful; and I experience heavy vaginal discharge. I thought things would be better by now, but the pain persists, and even my tightness has suffered. What can be done to resolve my issues?


It seems to me that following your tubal ligation you’ve become progesterone deficient. Progesterone is the partner and opposing force of estrogen—they work together to create a healthy environment for the egg. Sometimes, the damage from tubal ligation can alter the function of veins that feed the ovaries, resulting in problems with the flow of hormones. Depleted progesterone and testosterone levels cause your body to become estrogen dominant.

Testing, Testing

The first thing to do is to ascertain your hormone levels to determine whether the problems are caused by an estrogen dominance or not. Taking solutions for estrogen dominance before understanding the problem creates more questions than answers, and while I’m proceeding on the supposition that you do have low progesterone, it’s best to get checked first.

The Nitty Gritty

Excess estrogen causes low sex drive because it cancels out testosterone, which is the motivator behind sex drive and arousal for both males and females. Low testosterone is also the reason behind the looseness of your vagina—it’s not that the tissues have become larger; it’s that the muscles behind the tissues have become atrophied and weakened. Testosterone keeps muscles toned and tight; without it, your vagina would certainly feel looser.

The soreness of your genitals, meanwhile, is related to estrogen dominance—estrogen keeps vaginal tissues moist and soft, but can also create tenderness and pain when there is too much of it. Without progesterone available to balance out the estrogen, it’s taking over your entire hormonal system.

Help is at Hand

Luckily, several herbal cures have worked for woman for millennia, especially for women who suffer from menopause that experience the same issues that you feel. After the age of 35, progesterone levels rapidly decline, and many women begin experiencing symptoms similar to yours.

To you, and to other women like you, I suggest beginning a course of herbal treatment. Black cohosh, Ashwagandha and Chasteberry all safely modulate progesterone levels—thanks to active levels of phytoestrogen in each herb, a chemical that degrades safely into the required hormonal form (See: Young Again - Revive Passion For Menopausal Women). Supplementing your diet with these herbs should soon begin to make you feel more yourself again. Menopausal women praise progesterone therapy as the thing that returned them to themselves; it may work for you too!

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