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The Cream of the…Cervix?

She has been experiencing thick, white discharge after sexual activity. Is it an infection? If not, what is it? Why does it occur?

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I need an answer to my problem, please. It has been worrying me for a long time now. I have a very thick, white discharge every so often, thicker than normal. This happens mainly when I have any sort of sexual activities. Could it be an infection? Why does it happen so often? This is really thick and white discharge. Please help me.


As long as the discharge does not have a strong “yeasty” or “fishy” smell, it’s probably not an infection. You would also notice itching and irritation in your vulva and vagina for the bacterial infections which would cause discharge like that. In my opinion, you’re simply experiencing an excess discharge of cervical mucous.

Floating In a Sea of Mucous

The cervix naturally contains and is surrounded by mucous—this helps to prevent the passage of potentially hazardous germs and other foreign matter into the uterus. The consistency of your mucous changes throughout the month, unless you’re on hormonal birth control, in which case it might remain thick and white all month long. Cervical mucous is determined by progesterone, so if you’re using birth control—which contains progesterone—you will likely have more and thicker discharge than a female who wasn’t.

Handy, But it Makes a Mess

Because the vagina is a self-cleaning unit, this cervical mucous is flushed periodically, and exits the body in the form of discharge, or those clear, grey, or white booger-type things you find in your panties. You would also notice the presence of cervical mucous after having sex. In the first place, sex can disrupt the cervix, causing the shedding of excess mucous. In the second, the contraction of the uterus and vagina can work cervical mucous down through the vagina, as well as coating the penis with it.

The problem is not one to worry about, and would certainly rectify itself if left alone, but if it bothers you due to its presence during the sex act, I can recommend some specific herbal compounds that will cause you to have a thinner and less noticeable cervical mucous, rather than the thick, white discharge you’re dealing with now.

Fixing the Problem

The herbal solution I have in mind features compounds that help your body both to purify and remove any extra hormonal influence you might have that could be causing the thickened cervical mucous. (SEE: Herbal Formula for Vaginal Looseness Restoration) Dong Quai has been used for many years as a way to heal and rejuvenate the feminine system. It will also increase your circulation, which helps filtration of the entire body. Bupleurum will give a boost to your kidneys and liver, the most necessary elements for detoxification. Mucuna Pruriens strengthens the filtration ability of the body as well, helping to keep your discharge as minimal as possible.

By using this remedy, you will soon see the end of your messy and annoying problem.

What to do

VRD Formula I - Vaginal Regeneration & Detoxification Formula For Abnormal Discharge

Birth control pills and prescription drugs have a detrimental impact on a women’s sexual health. Herbs in this formula can reverse the damage caused by birth control medications, OTC drugs, and prescription drugs. Herbs and essential minerals such...

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