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At War with Your Penis–The Backlash from Over-Masturbation

Years of chronic masturbation left him feeling weak between the knees:soft erection,penis shrinkage and horrible pain,among other side effects.Learn the facts,and find out what can be done.



For the last 2-3 years I am having sex problems,I masturbate a lot(8-12 times a week)when I was 14 years old.I am 30 years now.I don’t get hard erection,I cum so fast(30-50 seconds),my penis is shrinking,I feel pain in my penis after intercourse,Since last year I am feeling pain in my left side of ball,and its takes about 30-45 minutes for erection after first intercourse.So please help me find a solution to my problem.Thank you.


There's a war brewing inside your body right now,and the enemy is a common inflammatory hormone known as protaglandin E2.Not only is it devilishly hard to pronounce,but it has been the scourge of healthy,sex-loving men for centuries.It invades the prostate,the penis,the testicles and the seminal vesicles like a conquering army,setting fire to everything in its path(thankfully this is just a metaphor,or else you would be dead now).Not only does this annoying inflammatory hormone cause severe pain and inflammation throughout your genital region,but it interferes with your healthy prostate function,causing you to ejaculate prematurely like a pre-teen boy discovering Carmen Electra for the first time.

Why is My Body Attacking Me?

Now that we've broken down the“how,”it's time to look at the“why.”As it turns out,this war was triggered by your own chronic masturbation.You've exploited your semen for far too long,and now the workers are rising up.

Well,that's not exactly how it works,but it's a scientifically proven fact that excess masturbation is a primary cause of prostaglandin E2 overproduction.This results from exhaustion to your hypothalamus and adrenal medulla.

If you want to win this war,you're going to need to rejuvenate your neuro-endocrine function and restore balance to your hormones.It can certainly be done,but you're going to need some help from your international allies(or maybe just a targeted herbal remedy).

Defeating the Enemy

Now we've had a lot of fun at the expense of prostaglandin E2;I suppose anything that causes your penis to shrink deserves a bit of scorn and ridicule.But E2 is not a bad hormone,in and of itself.It's simply the over-production that becomes problematic.

What we need is to restore balance.We need to stabilize your serotonin and GABA nervous function,stimulate nitric oxide production,and boost your levels of prostaglandin E1 and E3.This will offset the inflammatory effects,improve your sexual function and leave you feeling better than Winston Churchill at the end of World War II(not that he had soft erections or anything).To get the job done,I would recommend herbs like Achyranthes Root,Cistanche,Cuscuta and Epimedium.(SEE:Testicular Pain&Atrophy Herbal Remedy)You can find botanical remedies that get the job done masterfully,but be patient.Military victories don't happen overnight.

What to do

Botanical Remedy For Groin Pain&Testicular Atrophy

The Botanical Testicular Revitalization Formula can improve testicular health.The solution includes Achyranthes Root(Niu Xi),which promotes blood circulation and eliminates blood stagnation to reduce testicular pain.

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