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My New Medication Has Shrunk My Testicles

John, a 25-year-old man, is trying to conceive with his wife. After being prescribed a new medication, he noticed a decrease in the size of his testes. He is searching for a natural remedy for this shrinkage, which may also help to increase his sperm count and health.

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I understand that a natural part of the aging process is shrinking testicles. However, at only 25 I do not believe this is what I am experiencing. When it was concluded that my sperm count was low, I sought a doctor’s advice. While prescription drugs were suggested for this problem, I am hesitant to take another medication, due to the results of the first one.

However, this is not the only issue. My wife and I desperately want a child, without having to seek alternative methods such as invitro. Are there any methods that can be used to improve sperm count and reduce the shrinkage of my testicles?


Testicular atrophy is the medical term for shrinking testicles. This is a natural occurrence for men. When the issue affects the germ cells, it may cause male sterility. Additionally, a drop in testosterone may happen if the atrophy reaches the Leydig cells. This may also affect a man’s muscle mass as well as a man’s sex drive.

The Impact of Shrinking Testes

While there are many causes of shrinking testes, the results can be extreme and cause permanent damage. The most crucial that should be addressed is the chance that the shrinkage may affect a man’s fertility. Other issues include reduced or diminished erections, pain in the back and in severe cases--impotence.

Restoring Testicular Size

There are many effective formulas derived from herbs that can provide a significant improvement for shrinking testes. The herb blends that are available will increase a man’s seminiferous epithelium, which is the lining of the blood vessels as well as small cavities that are inside of the testicles. This process will increase a man’s sperm count and improve the function, rejuvenation and restoration of a man’s testicles.

Natural Testicular Restoration

Some botanical extracts are thought to promote testicular health, restoration and repair. Flavonoids are the main component of the herbal treatments being used for the repair of shrunken testicles. They have a powerful influence on the pituitary glands, seminal vesicle, epididymis and testes. Try Walking Sperm Bank formula. It's known as one of the most popular fertility formulat for increase healthy sperms and promote testicle wellness.

Testicular Massage

Another helpful method to restore shrunken testicles is with testicular massage, as this will increase the blood circulation of the testicles, reduce inflammation and promote proper function and growth. Performing this technique is not difficult but does require certain steps.

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