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The Big Battle – Good Stress VS Bad Stress with Your Droopy Penis in the Middle

A man who prefers to feel fully co forted before any sexual activity is having a problem staying erect. What are the reasons behind this and how can he return to his “get hard” days?

Case #: 1844


I was once the typical shy guy. I would speak to girls on occasion, but never would I sleep with them until I was comfortable. Comfort, as far as I am concerned, helps me perform better during sex. Since my recent long-term relationship ended, I have begun dating again—and I almost had sex with my new female companion. I say almost because we got to bed, and my erection was nowhere to be found.

I just stood there—fervently attempting to gain an erection. Even she tried to help with the same passion but to no avail. My erection just laid limp---like a dangling banana hanging onto a tree. I feel comfortable with my new female companion, but still, I just cannot stay hard.

Please note, I am a fitness freak: I exercise often and take protein shakes to improve my muscle mass. Please, any suggestions would be nice.


Don’t worry, you are living proof that all men aren’t dogs. I personally know many men such as yourself, whom don’t jump from bed to bed. Lots of guys prefer longer-term relationships usually with more intimacy involved. This more sensitive type of relationship can directly correlate with a man’s comfort level…the less comfortable some of you guys feel out there, the less sexual you may also feel, since you prefer more intimacy with a potential mate.

Sometimes, a lack of comfort may not be the only culprit. There are certain physical concerns which may also be affecting you. Obesity, or perhaps a poor diet, can negatively impact your sexual libido. However, more often than not, stress can be a major contributor to having a weakened wiener.

From Hero to Zero in the Sack

When you’re about to engage in some hanky-panky with your partner, your brain fires off little “sparks of love” and these neurotransmitters travel down tiny neural pathways to your private parts. When your Jimmy receives these impulses, your adrenal system helps him to get larger by pumping up your hormones and “stressing” your body up into a (hopefully) highly sexual state.

Unfortunately, if there are “bad stress” events happening in your life such as problems at work, paying your bills on time, or a folding relationship, this bad stuff can begin to interfere with the “good stress” that gets you and your member ready for action. When this happens, a man can go from having a throbbing pipe to something that looks like a small water balloon that burst and is just drooping around. So how can you prevent this from happening?

A New Plan…A New Penis…A New You

While it’s great that you are being proactive about your issue and that you’re working out and everything, make sure that if you’re taking any prescription drugs they can interfere with your libido in a negative way. You may also want to double check your fitness shakes for any ingredients that can affect your sex drive.

You also mentioned “comfort” a couple of times, which is understandably a big deal to many guys. Since you are embarking on a new relationship and just got over a long one, you may be a little over anxious in your effort to please your new partner. Try calming your mind and taking things slowly at first. Lots of eye contact as well as intimate acts like kissing and touching can stoke the fires and raise the heat naturally, without the need to feel anxious.

If you’re like most men out there, you may need a little help. Luckily, herbal mixtures can not only help to repair your libido, but also improve your overall health and wellbeing to boot. (TRY: Natural Ways to Eliminate Stress & Anxiety) Certain ones contain potent botanicals such as Schisandra and Jujube which can help to rebalance your energy levels, and give you that extra push you need to go throughout the day effectively. Others such as Passion Flower and Nacre can at the same time relax any over anxious nerves and give you a sense of inner peace and calm.

These all-natural healing wonders can return you to a life of reduced overall negative stress, that is until it’s time to get that good stress going, once it’s time for your inner sexual beast to come out to play once again!

What to do

Ways to Eliminate Stress & Reduce Performance Anxiety

Stress causes early ejaculation and many erectile dysfunctions by overexciting the sympathetic nerves, produce unhealthy stress hormones, and weakening the parasympathetic nerves controlling the ejaculation valve. Exposure to a long-term stressful...

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