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Give It Up to Get it Up: How Nicotine is Destroying His Penis

He’s hit middle age and has begun noticing issues with his penis. He’s a long-time smoker, and now he’s having trouble getting hard, plus, it looks like his penis is shrinking. Is it truly tobacco that’s behind all his problems, and what can he do if it is?
Case #: 1897

I’m a habitual smoker and have been since I was a young man, maybe 15 years old. Now I’m 45, and I’ve begun noticing problems with getting hard, and my penis seems to be shrinking as well. I’ve heard that smoking can cause penile problems for men, but I always assumed it wouldn’t happen to me. Now what do I do?

The best thing you could possibly do, both for yourself, and your love life, would be to stop smoking. Obviously, this solution is impractical at best—having been a habitual smoker for thirty years, I’m sure quitting would take a massive effort on your part. It’s one that would definitely pay off, but all the same, there are other options to consider.
Death Sticks for Sex

First, we need to discuss exactly why cigarette smoking is so harmful to the male sexual function, as you seem to be a little in the dark on that subject. Cigarettes and tobacco products really do a number on the body in a multitude of ways, but two very important ways are by destroying lung capacity, and by restricting blood vessels. The body needs oxygen, especially during certain situations, such as whilst playing sports, running from wild animals, or whilst having sex.
Penis Pump

During the arousal stage of sex, which for men is extremely precipitate, blood rushes down to the genitals and, if everything is working correctly, begins to fill the corpora cavernosa of the penis with blood. These inner tubes of the penis need to be pumped to the max for a true erection, and that’s where arterial constriction comes into play.
The Big Squeeze

The more tightly the arteries of the body are clenched, the longer it will take for a man to get an erection, if he can even achieve one at all. For many smokers, a semi-solid penis is the best thing they’ve got as they progress in age, and it only goes downhill once you’re over-the-hill. As men age, they begin to lose vital sex hormones that control penile growth and function. All men need this hormone, testosterone, to truly be men. Male sex drive and function are dependent upon it.
The Miracle of Midlife

At a certain point in a man’s life, this supply begins to diminish, due to decreased production in the testes. This period alone causes problems with erections and penile shrinkage, and you’re compounding it with nicotine use. At this point, you’re essentially emasculating yourself. It’s amazing that you can get an erection at all!
Detox and Rejuvenate

Luckily, there’s hope for you yet. Certain products designed to enlarge the penis have been designed with smokers in mind, and also feature powerful compounds to restore arterial ability, as well as removing toxins stored in the body, which will prevent the capillaries from returning to their cramped state. (TRY: Penile Enlargement Formula for Smokers) The more blood you have heading to the penis, the stronger and better your erections will be. If you want to continue having an active sex life, you need to begin one of these supplements today, before your penile function is completely destroyed.

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