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Penis Repairs Needed From Milking Exercise Injury

His use of penis stretches have caused damage. Now he suffers from weak and unsustainable erections.

Case #: 29352


About two months ago, I started using stretching device for my milking exercises. I bought into the marketing scheme of the website. I believed that in a few weeks, I would have had a larger, more alluring penis size. I was wrong. Now, I see my penis size, and it looks the same. Instead of larger, more potent erections, I have weak, unsustainable ones. I cannot gain an erection for longer than five minutes. During sex, my erections become weak. My girlfriend becomes frustrated, and I become depressed. I need help. Please, tell me what’s wrong with me!


Stretches, pumps, and silicon-based penis injections all leave your penis in a dilapidated state. Stretches rupture blood vessels and leave bruising, while pumps can over inflate and cause tissue damage. Men who use these devices often do so being unaware of the risks involved. It appears you may have been duped into believing these devices actually improve size; they don’t.

Overview of The Damage
When you over stretch your penis, you damage your parasympathetic nervous endings in your penile arteries (Broken Penis Syndrome). When damaged, the parasympathetic nerves fail to dilate your penile arteries for erection. Once you tear down your urethral spongy tissues, your penis may eventually look bigger in the flaccid state but that’s because of the scar tissue created. Instead, when you gain an erection, it will not stay hard for long.

Eliminate Scar Tissue
Repairing a damaged tissue and nerve endings of your penis will require time. Because tissue recovery is a long and arduous process, prepare for a long rehab. In order for erections to return to their normal size, you must abstain from all sexual activities. Engaging in sex will just hamper the repair process of penis tissue and nerve endings. The body will naturally repair itself, but it too can use an added boost from all-natural rejuvenating remedies that actuate the production of essential chemicals and nutrients for tissue and nerve repair.

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